Track the members of your group.  

Why are websites requesting access to

Why are websites requesting access to motion sensors... on my desktop

How useless is this No location data. A five day gap in the tracking. And do you really need 30 digits to identify a package Thats over a billion billion numbers for every person on Earth.

Finally sold my soul to the object illuminati and bought a 4 pack of trackers.

Initial impressions are:
- wow they are LOUD
- how and when you can track your tile is not communicated well. Tile is basically Airtags lite but the app behaves like it's a fancy whistling keychain
- why the heck can't I change the battery on any of the 3 types in the pack
- they are very "hey, we track X's products" but it's only 10 products that aren't even this year's model

So far though, seems legit. The use case here is tracking our bags while we travel overseas, so seems legit - like I want global-4G-GPS-trackers, but I'm also cheap.

Das Projekt privacy is sexy stellt verschiedene Skripte zur Verfgung, mit denen nicht nur die Datensammlung von Windows reduziert, sondern auch unntige Bloatware oder nicht genutzte Dienste deaktiviert werden knnen. Die Befehle werden kopiert/heruntergeladen und dann ber das Windows-Terminal ausgefhrt. Bei Bedarf knnen die nderungen auch wieder rckgngig gemacht werden.

enforces user activity on site to push revenue "Privacy is going to take a turn in the wrong direction for Reddit users who have opted-out of ad personalization in the past and do not live in a country exempt from the new ruling." I've been using LibReddit/Teddit for about a year, though I can't sign in with it.

's malincompetence continues: hey let's get rid of the opt-out entirely!

GOOD! A great example of 'just because we can doesn't mean we should.'

"New York bans facial recognition in schools after report finds risks outweigh potential benefits"

"New York state banned the use of facial recognition technology in schools Wednesday, following a report that concluded the risks to student privacy and civil rights outweigh potential security benefits."

Tweet von Mike Kuketz (kuketzblog) um 27. Sept - In der Pi-hole Installationsanleitung habe ich noch folgende Punkte ergnzt:
- 7.4 Schreibzugriffe auf SD-Karte minimieren
- 7.5 Automatische Updates: System und Pi-hole

Viel Spa mit den Ergnzungen!

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Track your Group

In der Pi-hole Installationsanleitung habe ich noch folgende Punkte ergnzt:
- 7.4 Schreibzugriffe auf SD-Karte minimieren
- 7.5 Automatische Updates: System und Pi-hole

Viel Spa mit den Ergnzungen!

should outright block third-party cookies in iframes right now to mitigate side-channel attack. However, I fear that this won't happen, mainly due to Google trying to sell their "Enhanced Ad Privacy" as a solution. I'd love to be proven wrong here.

"This New Autonomous Drone for Cops Can Track You in the Dark"

"Startup Skydio says its powerful new drone for public safety can reduce the need for high-speed chases. Civil liberties groups warn that few rules govern police use of drones."

"China Puts Evergrandes Billionaire Founder Under Police Control"

A significant book

Your face belongs to us
Kashmir Hill

Just watching an interview on BBC.
Holy shte%.

Regarding the of and a whole lot more

Astonishing. Outrageous.

"Welcome to our ad-free, tracking-free version of this site."

What it should say,

"Fuck off, you disallowed cookies, so we will just show you this utterly
nonsense page with nothing on it."

Well f*ck off yourself, don't need your shitty site.

sehe ich das richtig, das ist ( ) bei , krass.

Einrichtung eines Pi-hole als werbe- und trackerfreies DNS-Filter-System im Heimnetzwerk, inklusive Installation, Konfiguration und Anpassungen.

Zielgruppe: Einsteiger bis Fortgeschrittene. Bitte teilen!

Duolingo was crowned as the undisputed champion of tracking. I just cancelled my subscription and am deleting my account

Staatstrojaner "Predator" auf gyptischen Prsidentschaftsbewerber angesetzt Security

Im not quite sure what those GET parameters mean but you (and Lisa) might wanna #sanitize such #URLs (for #privacy reasons and as a #GoodPractice):

instead of:

#Tracking #DataProtection

Researchers Discover Attempt to Infect Leading Egyptian Opposition Politician With Predator Spyware Source: &LawEnforcement

Thank you! Indeed, can do filter parameters in URLs.

However, I needed to manually activate the "AdGuard URL Tracking Protection" privacy filter, it wasn't on (and doesn't seem to be active on fresh installs either).

(I also didn't see the "skip redirect" feature in .)

Researchers Discover Attempt to Infect Leading Egyptian Opposition Politician With Predator Spyware &LawEnforcement

Surveillance of Indian Diplomats in Canada Led to Allegations Around Sikh Killing, Official Says"

"The official said the communications involved Indian officials and Indian diplomats in Canada and that some of the intelligence was provided by a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, which includes the U.S., Britain, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to Canada."

New Privacy Badger Prevents Google From Mangling More of Your Links and Invading Your Privacy

The EFF has released a new version of Privacy Badger that updates how we fight link tracking across a number of Google products. PB now removes tracking from links in Docs, Gmail, Maps, and Images results. PB now also removes tracking from links added after scrolling through Search results...

To install:

i hadn't noticed this before but now will keep looking for these identifiers and try to get rid of them ...
#computer #internet #google #youtube #berwachung #tracking

Sanitize your youtube links!
Stolen from gryphoneer

Warum kann ich es dann auf dem abwhlen

Ist meine Zustimmung ist eine BEDINGUNG

De hongerige uil van Duolingo verzamelt meeste data.


Websites can just decide not tu use or since the only "technically necessary" would be a /#Session-Cookie.

Also Websites could just their ...

Staying Ahead of the Elements: The Best Weather Apps for Your Forecasting Needs

Is there any way to access or websites without accepting cookies

per Online-Werbung
"Dass tausende Firmen unsere Daten fr Online-Werbung sammeln, ist bekannt. Eine Recherche zeigt nun, dass auch Staatstrojaner-Hersteller das Werbesystem nutzen, um Zielpersonen zu tracken und zu hacken. Ob Deutschland ber derartige Software verfgt, will die nicht verraten."

USN E-6B Mercury 164404 as JIGGS26 performing the TACAMO mission unreeling its miles long VLF antenna to talk to the boomers about 25 nm off the coast of NorCal Yesterdays missiosn were with two differnt E-6's (SSBN's)

LAPD assistant chief on leave for allegedly using AirTag to track his subordinate

A top LAPD is accused of stalking as he used a tracking device to monitor the movements of a subordinate with whom he had a romantic relationship...

He is the director of the Office of Special Operations... where he oversees several bureaus including the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, the Detective Bureau and the Transit Services Bureau.

"In 2018 a team of researchers at Cornell University boosted the capabilities of a tracking technology called BirdCast to monitor and predict mass movements of birds on the wing. The original project began in 1999, but the technology lacked automation and required hundreds of hours to analyze and predict migration. The platform now monitors birds as they glide over the U.S. using radar from the National Weather Service.

Did you know that you can be tracked on the Internet without your knowledge or consent, without trackers or cookies It can be done by means of your "browser fingerprint".

I've been participating in a study on browser fingerprinting for the past couple months. You can participate and learn about your browser fingerprint here:

The study is simple. It's anonymous. Once a week you get an email reminder to check your finger print. The system "fingerprints" your browser, let's you know if the fingerprint has been seen before and whether it's trackable over time. You can also see what characteristics of the browser are being noted (there are hundreds).

2 E-6B Mercury's are up over Northern California. 164408 as IRON23 looks like it has done two ALCS ovals and 164409 as SHOAT16 looks to be RTB Travis AFB after a mission down in Southern California. Image curtesey of adsb exchange

Tor-Based Drug Marketplace Piilopuoti Shut Down by Law Enforcement &LawEnforcement

The Science Data Team at has created a dashboard to help and new .

Find it here:

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