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ShipXplorer - Global Live Vessel and

ShipXplorer - Global Live Vessel and Status

Tot nu toe heb ik voorkomen dat 3989 advertenties en trackers het thuisnetwerk konden bereiken door gebruik van AdGuard Home! ()

Come on folks, the year is not over, why did you stop posting your

We're really proud of ours, so here it goes again!

I wonder how much is lost due to potential being sick to death of having to all the time.

I wonder if there's a one-size-fits-all solution to having to sometimes turn off a revoltingly long list of creepy entities, when there's no 'reject all' button.

It's not just me, is it

Interesting that over 50% of trackers blocked are from Bible Gateway. Even Youtube has only 6 blocked. It is testament to using to stop stalkers.

Met behulp van 301132 regels heeft AdGuard Home 10.83 % van de DNS-verzoeken gefilterd op advertenties. ()

Ever wondered what your gaming PC is telling the world about you Here's why your privacy matters and what you can do to protect it

Check it out!

Met behulp van 301132 regels heeft AdGuard Home 10.46 % van de DNS-verzoeken gefilterd op advertenties. ()

Anyone else having problems via NORAD

AdGuard Home heeft vandaag 35601 DNS-verzoeken afgehandeld! ()

Wo ist der Weihnachtsmann Fr Europa versptet

NORAD Tracks Santa

Click image to go to NORAD Santa tracking site. Image-NORAD

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Friendly reminder for all managers! If you're not utilizing UTM links, it's time to level up your game. and optimizing campaigns are crucial for success. Remember, knowledge is power, and it might just lead to that well-deserved raise!

Does do enough says changes needed to protect from

We value your privacy

LOL, you and your 1504 partners

Its the twenty fourth today, and people who have been good will soon get things, and those who havent will get a lump of coal. Given enough pressure that coal could become a diamond. At such a time its interesting to take stock of how productive, or unproductive the year has been. One tool with which to do this is timetagger. Timetagger is either a free app, if you set it up on a local machine, or a paying app if you use a cloud services version.

What makes this app interesting is that it allows you to keep track of tasks by title, and tags. Imagine that youre writing a blog post. You can use writing, blogging and relevant terms to make finding all time spent working on a specific topic quick and easy.


An interesting feature of this app is that if you work on a task, and then get interrupted to make coffee or for a fire drill you can pause the activity, and then return and set a second start time. You can count the same task and keywords more than once. If you have a task that you do on a regular basis this saves time.

Simple to Use

To start tracking you press play. It doesnt matter whether youre looking at yesterday or another day. It will automatically start today. You then press stop and youre done.

At the end of the day, week, month or quarter you can see a report for specific tags in isolation, or relevant tags. Its quick and easy to use.

So far I have tracked twenty hours but by this time next year I will have tracked several hundred. I find that by using this server based app I dont kill the battery on my phone as fast as before. I start the timer and know precisely what I have been working on. I know by title and tags.

If youre tracking for yourself then you can add as many tags as you want, but if youre tracking for a client then avoid using more than one tag, unless requested to use more. I experimented with reports and you can select to see all linux time, but you also see secondary tags. This might look less professional if you use this app to track time spent professionally.

If youre working as a freelancer you can use the name of a client as the tag and log the time you arrive, and the time you leave. Even if you dont need to give a time sheet you can double check it to make sure that the hours are correct.

A To Do Variant

For a while I was playing with To Do apps. You give yourself tasks that you have to complete on a daily, weekly or other basis and you just tick that you did it. Time tracking is taking the To Do list a step further. Youre actually tracking the time that you spend on a task, daily fo weeks or months at a time. Its important to account for the time you spent, not just what you did.

Its a good habit to have, whether youre being paid to track or not. If you get into this habit, in your free time it will be able to do this automatically when you can justify your hours. This app only allows you to track one activity at a time. You can start a second activity but it will pause the first. You cant track Time spent in the office, and then time spent on a sub task, at the office.

Self Hosting vs Paid Solution

Self hosting is free but you need to configure the app, and make it accessible when youre away from the server. With paid solution, for three francs per month you have access from anywhere.

And Finally

With this app you can track the time you spend filming an event, and then you can track the time you spend ingesting footage, logging and more. You can track the time you spend editing and then the time you spend exporting the video files. You can then track time spent on modifications. The application is highly modular and you can start and stop timers with ease, and tag tasks.

The beauty of self-hosting on your local network is that the data is private. No one can use it, other than you, and those you hand reports to. Other solutions may use AI and other tools to quantify the data you give them.

With TimeLogger you could track learning Linux or Learning German. With this you can track learning irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwas' and more. Its as modular as you want it to be.

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Jetzt hab ichs endlich geschafft, Dann haben die halt meine Daten. Na Und von fertig zu lesen. Vielen Dank Klaudia fr die angenehme Lektre.

Es war fr mich als jemand, der sich schon lange mit diesen Themen befasst, nicht viel Neues dabei, aber ich bin wohl auch als affiner Mensch wohl auch nicht die direkte Zielgruppe. Aber gerade fr Leute, die mit dem Thema sonst nichts zu tun haben, ist das ein wichtiges und gut verstndliches Buch.

Das geht jetzt als Pflichtlektre an den Rest der Familie. Und als Leseempfehlung an alle anderen, die das hier lesen.

8 SBB-Kundentracking: Offene Fragen (2023-02)
Die Anforderungen des ausgeschriebenen KundenFrequenzMessSystem 2.0 kann eigentlich nur mit sehr genauer Verfolgung von Gesichtern ber das gesamte Bahnhofsgelnde erfllt werden. Wieso das keine gute Idee ist und wieso etliche Aspekte auch mit deutlich mehr erreicht werden knnten.

Mehr zum Thema /Privatsphre:

Here is image of Microsoft Bing. Now I don't like Bing, I don't like Microsoft in general. But look at the experience. Is this not a browser you would be willing to use just to try it out. In terms of privacy I think that whats Foss apps lack. Like the new orbot app might look bad to old user but it will definitely attract new users.

Like this has workspacz, tab management and customiz- and every tools integrated. Imagine having a sidebar with your fav app

The Iceberg Cometh - It's The Size Of Oahu, And It's Moving Into The Open Ocean A23a
<-- shared media article

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) British Antarctic Survey University of Colorado Boulder National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

Wer trackt genau Stiftung Warentest prft Fitnessfunktionen von Smartwatches

Die allermeisten Smartwatches sind heutzutage mit Gesundheitsfunktionen ausgestattet. Aber wie gut sind EKG, Herzfrequenzmessung und Schlafaufzeichnung im Alltag Ein Test von Stiftung Warentest gibt Aufschluss.

Sentry und ohne Soll das so oder kann das weg

How many other companies are doing this and not getting caught

"Rite Aid facial recognition misidentified Black, Latino and Asian people as likely shoplifters"

"Surveillance systems incorrectly and without customer consent marked shoppers as persons of interest, an FTC settlement says"

From the national home of the late George Orwell:

"Police to be able to run face recognition searches on 50m driving licence holders"

"Exclusive: Privacy campaigners say clause in new criminal justice bill will put all UK drivers on permanent police lineup"

Seit dem gekauft hat, kostet Musik die man dort kauft, 2 zustzlich. So luft das jetzt. Damit ist Bandcamp jetzt eine Plattform bei der, der Investor/ neue Besitzer, immer an den Return denkt. Also kaufe ich ein Album dort fr 12 Euro, bezahle ich beim Check Out dann 14 . Schade um Bandcamp. Auch ist jetzt zu viel & im Hintergrund wie ich sehe.

Ach, ihr wollt meine Daten mit euren 989 Partnern tauschen Aber gern doch!

not really...

My own website doesn't have any or so I don't need to have any shitty banners and dataprotection compliance stuff...

Today I decided to remove Matomo Analytics from my sites/blogs, that I used with anonymized data anyway, after ditching Google Analytics last year. And I don't use JetPack on my WordPress blogs...

No more tracking of any kind by me (but can happen when I embed external content, such as no-cookie videos, or music players...)

I imagine that the feature originated from people creating manually-maintained lists with checkboxes to indicate whether an issue (or PR) is closed/done. People naturally forget about, or tire of, manual maintenance.

Easier to have linked items automatically expand, and automatically show whether there's closure.

Ideal for meta-issues and the like, I guess.


* Datenschutz nicht inbegriffen Intelligent und sicher einkaufen Mozilla Foundation

ARD, ZDF und Co. lernen nicht dazu. Bei der ZDF-Mediathek ist die erforderliche Erfolgsmessung immer aktiv, also nicht abschaltbar. Und bei der ARD wird nicht einmal eine Einwilligung eingeholt, sondern gleich Google Crashlytics eingebunden. Da muss man auch erst klagen, bevor man sich an Gesetze hlt. Traurig.

Danke fr den Artikel und die Verlinkungen zu und oder wie und was viele User nicht auffllt und dem auch nicht min blocken. Das ist sehr wohl ein wichtiger Punkt von Anbietern zur den Investoren etc usw. Denn ein Internet ohne einem direktem Einkommen kann/muss man dan darber finanziell rechtfertigen um zB ua fr sich zu gewinnen.

Tracking, nein danke! - Das Netz ist politisch

ist eine der grssten Ausprgungen des . Wer mehr ber dich weiss, kann dir mehr Dinge verkaufen. Oder dich fast wie ein Ding verkaufen.

Wer sich fr die folgenden Feiertage etwas vornehmen will, dem empfehle ich, sich und andere vor Internet-Tracking zu schtzen.

Hintergrnde und Tipps hier:

What Rite Aid gathered and must delete doesn't address what they already sold off to their partners that then expanded the data beyond their spheres of influence, does it..

"Rite Aid hit with five-year facial recognition ban over reckless use"

"The Federal Trade Commission is also requiring the pharmacy chain to delete all the photos and videos it captured of customers."

"An abused wife took on Tesla over tracking tech. She lost."

"Cases of technology-enabled stalking involving cars are emerging as automakers add ever-more-sophisticated features, such as location tracking and remote control of functions such as locking doors or honking the horn, according to interviews with divorce lawyers, private investigators and anti-domestic-violence advocates."

Heres some breaking news, CNN Breaking News. Not everyone is running Brave. I dont. Many do run privacy controls. How ironic that our privacy controls are blocking your privacy protections, and you insist we should TRUST YOU. Is that like trusting Meta to protect users phone numbers by passing their chats through Meta servers

So hilarious. Thank you for self-deselecting from my trusted news sources.

Does Less Consumer Lead to Less Fraud

Ahh, ebay- hat endlich mal den Absender gendert. Und direkt mal ein nettes eingebaut (-:

Mal nen Filter bauen und direkt weglschen lassen. Geht mir eh aufm Sack.


Does Less Consumer Lead to Less Fraud

Heres another reason to block digital : it might reduce financial fraud. Thats the upshot of a small but promising study published as a National Bureau of Economic Research ( ) working paper, Consumer Surveillance and .

Yeah, thats not good.

Map your Race