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"Taylor Swift threatens legal action against

"Taylor Swift threatens legal action against student who tracks her private jet"

"Taylor Swifts attorneys have threatened legal action against a student who has been tracking the celebritys private jet use via social media."

Je pense que cest mon record actuel : 1 143 sites partenaires qui aimeraient dposer des cookies ou accder mon terminal, pour lire un article sur H2 Mobile.

CNN: Taylor Swift's attorneys are threatening legal action against Florida college student jxcksweeney who posts publicly available flight tracking data from the superstar's private jet.

- Meta ignoriert DSGVO-Recht auf einfachen Widerruf der Einwilligung.

Wer bei der Nutzung von und nicht getrackt werden will, muss seit Anfang November 2023 bis zu 251,88 pro Jahr bezahlen. Whrend ein (kostenloser) Klick ausreicht, um dem zuzustimmen, muss man fr den einen komplizierten Prozess durchlaufen und ein kostenpflichtiges Abonnement abschlieen. Die besagt jedoch eindeutig, dass der Widerruf der Einwilligung ...

Im Frhjahr erhlt man nach der Anmeldung detaillierte Informationen zu unserem konkreten Workshopangebot.

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Deleted this below as it's not the serial, but still bad: It turns out it's my custom-to-order device *model*. It's quite unique in my case and identifiable to be used in .

Does anybody know how browsers can access PC model names I feel not really comfortable having this exposed on websites. I mean sure, Google Chrome does, but this was in .

Da mein Smart-TV so eingestellt ist, dass keine gespeichert werden und keine Unique Device ID erlaubt ist, muss ich mich wohl daran gewhnen, dass ich bei jedem Aufruf des Programms den hsslichen Cookie Banner wegklicken muss.

Ich habe doch nichts zu verbergen

Absolutely disgusting practice and coercion on show here from

IMHO 's notation should've been like so the entire IPv4 address space would've fit as a into it, providing us with a transition mechanism that would've allowed backwards compatibility by virtue of addressing every port as a dedicaded IPv6, enabling way faster adoption.

Sadly until EVERYTHING supports IPv6 natively and comes with fixed prefixes (at least a /64 on mobile) that are statically allocated, I can't even use it.

There's a reason I've got a /28 of IPv4's but by ISP won't even delegate me a /48 of IPv6's: Because there is neither demand nor offer for that.

And yes,'s isn't solving issues because even if I choose a PoP in Germany everyone will just blatantly (which on it's own should be illegal IMHO!) one to the , worsening the entire experience by virtue of illegal and ...

Daten, Daten, Daten - Datenwahnsinn!
215 (!) Partner

Vision Pro kommt ohne "Wo ist"-Tracking AirTag hilft

Wer sich Apples 3500-US-Dollar-Headset gnnt, sollte gut auf es achten: "Wo ist"-Tracking wird nicht untersttzt. Es gibt aber eine einfache Lsung.

"They thought they were doing good but it made people worse: why mental health apps are under scrutiny"

"As experts worry over privacy issues, ineffectiveness and even harm, the UK is looking at whether the plethora of digital mental health tools need regulating"

Yes, they do. But not the kind of regulation that exacerbates current concerns.

The volume being sent is also accurate.
Testing with different volume levels resulted in including such values in the requests. (One can still argue that Unity Ads uses this so that it sends silent ads if the device's volume is too high, no fingerprinting here )

I receive my (mainly from a service, that does not accept a "virtual" phone, but only real hardware) via (which I co-authored with ) on my account. Very handy, as my does not have a . Or if you don't have a mobile phone altogether.

Fun aspect for those who worry about : The SIM stays at home 24/7

For years I have worn Suunto, Garmin and Apple watches. During this time I have tracked hikes, climbing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and more. Recently I felt the desire to wear a Casio watch as I used to do when I was a child.

Over the years these watches have given you live information about barometric pressure, altitude, depth, and other information but with time they gave you the chance to track what you were doing by GPS. After this they started to track your steps and your heart rate 24 hours a day, except for when youre charging. It went from being a watch that you used for the time, and to track acvities. Now they track everything.

The only time they do not track you is when youre charging the watches.

The advantage of a Casio watch is that you can wear it for years in a row, without ever taking it off, except for when youre flying, before you need to replace the battery. You get to the end of the day and you dont need to charge it.

Of course, you dont need to wear it for three to five years in a row. You can take it off when youre showering, sleeping or other. You can even take it off for a tan, if thats what you desire.

What sets the GBA-900 apart from other Casio and smart watches is that it gives an analogue display, rather than a digital one. it gives the time with a digital display but its small and hidden behind the hour and minute hands at certain times of day.

The advantage of an analogue watch is that you know the time as fast as a digital watch, once you take some time to re-habituate yourself to reading a less precise time display. I say less precise because you need to re-learn the art of reading analogue time.


It automatically counts the number of steps you take in a day and estimates the amount of energy you burned in a day. If you want to track a walk then its simple. You start the timer when you start your walk, and stop the time at the end of your walk. It then uses the time information and your phones location data to extrapolate the track of your walk. You can then get it to sync with the phone and keep track of your walks over time.

No False Inputs

I found that with the Xiaomi activity Band 7 and the active band eight I would get false manipulations with the touch screen. With the casio thats impossible, due to it using button presses.


If youre playful then, at night, you can charge the fluorescent paint on the hour and minute hands with a flashlight or your phones light. At night you can then check the time, by looking at the glowing hands, rather than pressing a button.

Beep Beep

Do you remember that 80s or 90s sound. The Beep beep that we would hear once an hour, every hour This watch allows you to live with that signal notification. It could be useful, if you want to keep track of time, without constantly staring at your watch. Beep beep, time for lunch soon.

And Finally

The Apple watch nags you about washing your hands for long enough. Garmin and Apple nag you about being too static for too long. By using a Casio watch you escape the gamification that makes Apple and Garmin so annoying to use. It was fun, until you realise how unforgiving they are, streak wise, and until you realise that theyre designed to get you adddicted, rather than interested in your own progress. I like wearing a simpler device, especially while I walk more than I cycle, hike, or other.

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This screenshot shows the app analytics data sent by two different apps: Duolingo and Tinder. What's the likelihood that both apps are installed on the same device

Both apps use Unity Ads. The data in the screenshot is collected by the Unity Ads framework included in these two apps, and any app that uses Unity Ads. The data is sent to the same Unity server. As a result, Unity Ads can easily fingerprint users and track them across different apps.

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Inside a Global Phone Spy Tool Monitoring Billions

"Hundreds of thousands of ordinary apps, including popular ones such as 9gag, Kik, and a series of caller ID apps, are part of a global surveillance capability that starts with ads inside each app, and ends with the apps users being swept up into a powerful mass monitoring tool advertised to national security agencies"

First up for this week... Not a coin at all, but a banknote! A 2013 US dollar bill, but with a stamp on it for - it turns out there's a whole branch of I'd never heard of! Learn more here:

Un truc qui fait des bruits chaque fois que Google apprends un truc sur vous en naviguant.

:youtube: : "Video teilen" erstellt Links mit potenziellem -Parameter Security

Kleiner reminder an die meiner Meinung nach beste App zum tracken der Ernhrung:
Oder auch hier:

Komplett Open source und daher sehr Datenschutzfreundlich

ein Artikel darber nun auf deutsch von :

Standortdaten: Tracking-Firma will Milliarden Handys berwachen knnen
Die Technologie hinter personalisierter Werbung lsst sich missbrauchen, Zur anvisierten Zielgruppe gehren Geheimdienste. Online-Werbung als Infrastruktur fr berwachung

Kbel Glle gefllig

Die Website wetterdotcom ist vorgeblich ein Angebot von Wetterdaten und Vorhersagen. Verschaffe ich mir einen Blick hinter die Kulissen, zum Beispiel mit uBlock Origin, stellt sich mir die Sache allerdings ganz anders dar: Glle...

NASA Scout System Predicts Impact Of A Very Small Asteroid Over Germany remotesensing/tracking
<-- shared technical article
<-- home page for the NASA JPLs Scout, the trajectory analysis and hazard assessment for recently detected objects


plans dramatic changes to end competing web ad publishers in . Publishers can track a max of five of their own titles at a time while better enabling monopoly by whose ad take is in excess of $65 Billion a yr and growing while and competitor revenues sink.

brigens, wer mglichst frei von weitergeben mchte, sollte eine oder eine verwenden, die URLs (vor der Weitergabe) bereinigt:
Firefox (auch unter Android):

: "Video teilen" erstellt Links mit potenziellem Tracking-Parameter.

Wer Youtube-Videos mittels "Video teilen"-Funktion teilen mchte, bekommt einen mglichen - Parameter untergeschoben.

Wenns um unsere Daten geht, gibt es keine Moral mehr

Facebooks Extensive Surveillance Network

Consumer Reports is reporting that Facebook has built a massive surveillance network:

Youtube "Video-teilen"-Links: Seit einiger Zeit mit Tracking-Parameter

Wer Youtube-Videos mittels "Video teilen"-Funktion teilen mchte, bekommt einen mglichen Tracking-Parameter untergeschoben.

Consumer Reports reports on the scale of Facebook tracking, including server-to-server tracking.

"Using a panel of 709 volunteers who shared archives of their Facebook data, Consumer Reports found that a total of 186,892 companies sent data about them to the social network. On average, each participant in the study had their data sent to Facebook by 2,230 companies. That number varied significantly, with some panelists data listing over 7,000 companies providing their data."

Facebooks Extensive Surveillance Network

Standortdaten: Tracking-Firma will Milliarden Handys berwachen knnen

Zu den erfassten Daten gehren laut 404 Media etwa die Hobbys und Interessen von Zielpersonen, wo sie wohnen und arbeiten, hufig besuchte Orte und enge Kontakte, also mit welchen Menschen sie hufig am selben Ort sind. Oft stimmen Nutzer*innen der Weitergabe ihrer Daten selbst zu, wenn sie nach dem ersten Start einer App im passenden Pop-up-Fenster auf Akzeptieren tippen.


-Firma will Milliarden Handys berwachen knnen.

Recherchen von 404 Media zeigen auf, wie sich der weltweite Datenhandel der Werbeindustrie zur einsetzen lsst. Ein kommerzielles Werkzeug soll die und engsten Kontakte von Zielpersonen verraten und auf Wunsch sogar ihre Handys hacken knnen. Zur anvisierten Zielgruppe gehren . ...

Qyseas Underwater Camera Robots Can Now Track and Follow Divers

If you really dont want your Android phone to be tracking any of your movements and activities, there is a way to turn tracking off for all (well, most) of them.

Update Reveals Will Read All Your
Googles AI will read and your private messages, going back forever. Bard isnt a with a friend. Its a sitting across the worlds most powerful and valuable and machine.

Nutzt du Google Analytics fr personalisierte Werbung Dann musst du ab Mrz 2024 den neuen Einwilligungsmodus einsetzen und drei statt zwei Einwilligungen einholen . Es gibt mit dem cookie-losen Tracking zwar scheinbar einen Vorteil, der ist in der EU aber praktisch wertlos.

In meinem Beitrag erlutere daher ich die rechtlichen Fallstricke und mgliche Lsungen:

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