Track the members of your group.  

"Hundreds of thousands of ordinary apps,

"Hundreds of thousands of ordinary apps, including popular ones such as 9gag, Kik, and a series of caller ID apps, are part of a global surveillance capability that starts with ads inside each app, and ends with the apps users being swept up into a powerful mass monitoring tool advertised to national security agencies that can track the physical location, hobbies, and family members of people to build billions of profiles"

uerst bedenklich. Nicht nur fr Google-Nutzer selbst, sondern auch fr alle, die mit ihnen in Kontakt stehen. Das Motto von Google ist klar: Be as evil as possible, then monetize it!

"Google Update Reveals AI Will Read All Your Private Messages"

Googles Bard isnt your friendly AI assistant. Its a search UI connected to the worlds biggest advertising and tracking platform.

As much as Im concerned about the privacy, Im equally worried about the quality of the personalized search results. How much the shift to directed search will be just a fancy form of serving tailored and harder to distinguish ads

What's every time you click a link to another site ()/ That's why I'd recommend deleting the question mark and everything after it if you re-share a link from Facebookor anywhere else!

Google's plans to deprecate third-party cookies are underway, but online tracking is here to stay as the search giant tightens its stranglehold on browsing data

For new , here's an article from with tips on your working . It was written for and , but the information can help you if you in other arenas.

"Black Boxes: How Police Undermined the Promise of Body Cameras"

"Body-worn cameras were supposed to deliver a revolution in transparency and accountability to policing. But in cities across America, the revolution never arrived."


One of the first signatories of the open letter to the German Rectors Conference ( ) is Nicole Wolf (), an independent consultant for sustainable digitalization strategies for organizations and companies as well as for sustainable online platforms. Nicole has also been a volunteer for and the common good in the digital of society for many years, including until recently on the board of the cooperative eG. (). She says:

"In particular, institutions should address the problems associated with social media and promote digital literacy as well as digital maturity. This also includes the use and provision of independent infrastructures, beyond market power, economy and AdTech, combined with of users."

for are advisable to prevent , and access to the device's These work by all signals, including and thereby providing continuous data and digital 125. (1/5)

The Copy Link Without Site-Tracking feature in doesnt work with from itself.

Is that a bug or a feature


How does Private Relay work

You can search and find a few articles (mostly high level) or read directly from this Apple paper

p.s: yes, it's supposed to work with custom like and so if something doesn't work as expected, don't blame Apple first, but open a bug with these services.

is an interesting read.

it's a long time since i've a considered and informative justification for a request for my email address

I haven't yet provided it, but i am properly considering doing so, with some wariness.

thoughts and perspectives on this gratefully received.

# scraping

"You'll never guess who just got caught doing mass surveillance. Without warrants. And is pretending it's no big deal. Again."

US spy agencies secretly paid Big Tech for Americans' phone location data, dodging warrants. This "pay-to-track" scheme bypasses courts, sparking privacy fears.

Polar bear tracks. Photographer unknown.

To block apps from sharing information with third-party tracking services in Android, a simple non-root option is the privacy browser. It has an App Tracking Protection feature that you can activate even if you don't use DuckDuckGo as your default web browser.

Reading its report about third-party services blocked can be eye-opening, if you weren't previously aware of how much apps help these services spy on you.

migrate to on a and enjoy lightning fast OS updates for whilst using an excellent piece of mobile hardware without

"The future of biometrics in a zero trust world"

"Badge operates on a cryptographically zero-knowledge basis, not trusting any party with sensitive data, and offers quantum resistance for future-proof security."

"Phones Track Everything but Their Role in Car Wrecks"


"Distracted driving is a worsening problem, safety experts say. Yet there is still no definitive database of the number of crashes or fatalities caused by it."

"The Pentagon Tried to Hide That It Bought Americans' Data Without a Warrant"

"US spy agencies purchased Americans' phone location data and internet metadata without a warrant but only admitted it after a US senator blocked the appointment of a new NSA director."

Well this is neat. When did add this Is it new, or did I just not notice before

(Boost for awareness.)

It is possible to export your entire written works from and .

One thing of note, however. If you have images in your articles, the links to those images are still going to point to servers controlled by Medium or Substack.

In my view, this is a breach in privacy. Both platform can track your usage of the data that you exported.

I'll note that there is no technical limitation that forces this. That's a decision that they both made.

Zeit, sich mal wieder nach einer neuen Suchmaschine umzusehen.

Hat jemand einen Tipp fr mich, welche Suchmaschine man sinnvollerweise nehmen kann, die man und ohne benutzen kann

yeah exactly. I'm trying to suss out why the quarterly growth is not there any more, since that could be a measure of my own work, e.g. on and exposing and

ein solches Verhalten ist eines ministeriums unwrdig, imho WER trifft denn dort die Entscheidungen

die bespielen ALLE .. aber KEINE ohne

Die umfassende berwachungsmaschinerie, die fr digitale Werbung entwickelt wurde, ermglicht nun direkt die Massenberwachung durch den Staat 1 Zitat von .

Daher: Ein Tracking- und Werbeblocker gehrt auf jedem Smartphone/PC/Netzwerk zur Grundausstattung! 2


Datenschutz-Albtraum: iPhone-Apps sammeln heimlich Daten

And look what just dropped! As I often say, likes to look the other way when app vendors track users...

La publicit sur Radio France - podcasts, direct et appli

Each User is Monitored by Thousands of Companies
On average, each participant in the had their sent to Facebook by 2,230 companies.
... the study was able to examine a form of that is normally hidden: so-called "server-to-server" tracking

In Android 14 solltet ihr folgende Einstellungen vornehmen. Erreichbar ber Einstellungen -> Google -> Anzeigen. Unter anderem kann nun die Google Advertising-ID komplett entfernt werden. Kombiniert die Einstellungen dann noch mit einer App wie AdAway.

Ja also..

Das funktioniert /nie/.

Bekomm immer nen Tag vorher eine "zugestellt" Benachrichtigung (18:00 Uhr !) und dann kommter am n. Tag !

Wozu gibts dann Prio Tracking

Ich habe aus mehreren Grnden auer und bedenken etwas gegen :

1. werden ignoriert.

2. Es ist keine .

3. Es gibt keine gegen technische Probleme, z.B. Fallback auf Papier.

4. Users von anderen OS als Android und iOS werden exkludiert. (Ich nutze .)

5. Wer wie ich im Urlaub erholungshalber kein dabei haben will, mu auf's ausweichen.

Just a friendly reminder that , and certainly other streaming services as well add parameters to share links. It's the si=xxxx part of the URL and you can just strip it. Adblockers like can automatically do this with $removeparam=si so you can avoid accidental loading such links. Preventing the *sharing* of tracking links is trickier there are scripts out there that can help with this, e.g. .

Day 3

Not only should you get a that offers anti-tracking protection (or a tracker blocker extension), but one that cares about you and doesnt spy on your browsing habits. In the end, blocking trackers is almost pointless if you are using a browser that collects far more details than any tracking ad ever could.

At Vivaldi we believe what you do online is your business. We don't profile you, nor share or sell information to any third party.

Wanna know more Here's our Privacy Policy:

Is Patreon for real lol

"Patreon has asked US district judge Joseph Spero to find that the VPPA is unconstitutional or else rule that the consent requirement and presumed damages clauses should be struck from the law as "unjustified burdens."

"San Diego signs off on sweeping changes to hard-fought surveillance law"

"Privacy advocates likened changes to 'wrecking ball' that strips law of important transparency and oversight mechanisms."

Anno Domini 2024 in Deutschland:

* Webportal eines groen Konzerns in Asbach-Uralt-Technologie, langsam
* ber nicht-europische Drittpartei mit an Bord, obwohl sehr sensibler Bereich
* Registrierung nur per Freischaltcode via Briefpost
* Im Portal dann eine Art Inbox, so ziemlich das Wichtigste an dem ganzen Portal
* ffnen der Dokumente aber nur mit Einmalkennwort per SMS SMS 2FA WTF!
* Das unsichere SMS Einmalkennwort kommt dabei meistens nicht an.

Fazit: Wichtige Dokumente leider nicht zu ffnen.

Whats the consensus on email tracking these days

Im considering adding open and click tracking to my list for one reason: To be able to stop sending out emails to inactive subscribers.

It just seems a complete waste to send emails to people who either arent receiving them, or not opening them anyways. But I know some people consider email tracking a bit too invasive.

Yeah, well they had that 'fact-checking' agreement with Tucker Carlson's one media source so, overall, yeah, good riddance...

"Metas retreat from news content is hurting traffic, hitting revenue for media outlets"

Map your Race