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Olen kytkenyt YouTubesta katseluhistorian ja kaikki

Olen kytkenyt YouTubesta katseluhistorian ja kaikki seurantaan liittyvt ominaisuudet pois plt, mutta silti Home-nkym pivittyy vastaamaan aamupivll katsottuja videoita.

Illuusio valinnanvapaudesta ja yksityisyydest.


has introduced a way to thwart stalkers with Unknown Alerts on , a new method to protect Android users from those who seek to plant a device.

Our Blacklight tool, which scans websites for in real time, has some new features.

We made these changes because theyre what users told us would be most helpful. Check them out:

looked into the last part of the original toot

>Im curious how this telemetry is inserted into links. Is this a service/software media outlets are using

Looks like this is standard marketing analytics with plenty of choices for vendor, and "utm generators" to create these links are standard tools -

Google Analytics being the biggest ofc.

Full details:

when i think how much data they collect on my servers this isn't such a large number.

Then again, for the web application, it is quite a huge number

() is one of the main reasons is in such a precarious state. It has built a dragnet unprecedented in human history. It can read every in , follow your movements through Maps, and see everything you for.

This article delves into three notable instances where Googles privacy claims fell short, examining the issues of , tracking, and Google face .

Ich will weder segmentiert noch sonstwie analysiert werden.

"Piped ist ein YouTube-Frontend fr den Browser, dessen Quellcode auf fr jeden einsehbar ist.

ber lsst sich praktisch jedes -Video anschauen allerdings unter anderen Voraussetzungen:

Keine oder
Keine Verbindung mit -Servern
Leichtgewichtiges und schnelles Interface

Wer es noch nicht kennt, probiert es doch einfach mal aus und setzt Euer .

Man, 86, accused of assuming dead brother's identity in 1965 is convicted of several charges

An 86-year-old man accused of assuming his brothers identity decades ago and using it to double dip on Social Security benefits has been convicted of several charges, caught by facial recognition technology that matched the same face to two different identities, authorities say.

Run a real-time creepiness check on any website in the world with this free tool: Blacklight by The Markup

Facebooks state-controlled media labels appear to reduce engagement

Interactions with Russia and Chinas government media dropped when users noticed the badge.

I've absolutely had them lie and backdate delivery attempts, like when I was trying to get my Vive Index, spent the entire freaking day by the door because I was paranoid about it being stolen off the porch, only for late in the evening a delivery attempt to be backdated in the tracking at "12:34". I went in for pickup and filed complaints multiple ways. Wasted an entire day only for them to pretend it was my fault, and I suspect it's a really common practice.

AdNauseam: Origin fork silently clicking on behalf of users.

". . . to actively fight back against by advertising networks. AdNauseam works like an . . . to silently simulate clicks on each blocked ad, confusing trackers as to one's real interests. . . . serves as a means of voicing your discontent with networks that disregard and engage in bulk .

And discussion on HN:

Firefox Klar/Focus auf ShiftOS-L, das auf AOSP basiert. Evtl. liegt es an den Privatsphreeinstellungen, aber das ist nur geraten (gibt es da ggf. nur lokale Zugriffsrechte innerhalb der BRD). Knnte genauso ein fehlender Google-Dienst sein (Da kenne ich mich gar nicht aus.)


"A Pennsylvania court says state police can't hide how it monitors social media"

"Pennsylvanias Supreme Court handed civil liberties advocates a victory, ruling that state police can't hide from the public its policy governing how it monitors social media"

This article reviews a book entitled A Web of Our Own Making by Antn Barba-Kay which reminded me a lot of an issue of Audrey Watters Second Breakfast newsletter about the templated body.
What does it mean for there to be multiple, constructed realities. When everyone has a smartwatch and is tracking everything, does that make their life both qualitatively and

Mit Exodus, und trackercontrol knnen Benutzers unerwnschte "Nebenwirkungen" von apps ergrnden und datensparsame Alternativen finden.

Un outil pour tester vos Adblock ! J'utilise UblockOrigin et Privacy badger sur Firefox. 97% des trackers test sont bloqus. Il reste les "Cosmetic filter".

Even Supermarkets Are Your Nowadays

And it's not only loyalty cards: when I worked in ecommerce, it was about detecting how people moved in the shop based on cameras and their phones

Don't know if you knew but the addon is back now for more than 1 year after its revival:

#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy

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Hi, thanks for your service. is similar to except that Invidious embeds videos straight from by default. Means: My browser loads the video via Google servers, which, due to the system, is associated with the transmission of my IP address to Google. What happens if I use your app under and not the browser extension Do I bypass google with local API Thanks and best wishes

Mi scrive : "With our new Tracking Links Protection feature, we now detect and clean known tracking links, directing you safely to the web page without surveillance. Proton Mail is the first email service to offer this level of protection because we believe your inbox belongs to you.

Per approfondire:


im Real Raum teils ohne Info an die Mehrheit(en) schon viel weiter

Digitalisierung (JUBEL Gebiet)

Cookies & mehr

Beispiel Satelliten AIS
Schifffahrt BEISPIEL

als Rahmenprogramm

A Schiffbeispiel

#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy:mtxtracking:
#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy:mtxtracking:
#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy:mtxredirector:
#dns #redirect #tracker #tracking

Just noticed that is now including tracking IDs in links shared through the Android app.

Disappointed but not surprised. It is more surprising that it took them so long to add - Instagram and Twitter have been doing this for ages.

Example of a link with a tracking ID (note the si parameter at the end):

These links work just fine with the part after the question mark removed.

#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy

May Have Led to Online of , Research Says
New research from Adalytics, which analyzes found tech companies could have tracked across internet, raising concerns about whether they were undercutting a federal law, the report said. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or , requires children's online services to obtain parental consent before collecting personal data from users under age 13.

Thank you for with !

I noticed a new privacy setting in Google Chrome, Ad Privacy. If you are concerned about ad tracking, you might want to review the three settings.

Settings, then Privacy & Security, then Ad Privacy, then choose each of the three settings.

It looks like there's supposed to be a notification about it, because I got one on one of my computer profiles, but didn't get one on the other two profiles, so that notification may be buggy.

Enormous and important research from Adalytics about Google and Youtube disgusting and shameful approach with ad targeting towards children, including online tracking their activity (+ more from NYTimes report: )

I wish politicians would actually focus on limiting/forbidding such invasive digital advertising rather than asking for encryption backdoors.

in your email that starts with "Proton Mail updates: Defeat tracking links..." you linked Twitter and Reddit as places to get engaged with the company. And your mail footer links to Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

Given the nature of your products and positioning around privacy would it make sense to also link to your Mastodon presence