Track the members of your group.  

nervt Kunden im Online-Banking nun mit

Blood trail
A blood trail in the snow! Where does it lead to Is there a treat at the end Something tasty I would bet.

nervt Kunden im Online-Banking nun mit Cookiehnlichen Banner.

Da die auf meine bisherige Kritik nicht antwortet, ist das als Schuldeingestndnis zu werten.

nutzt personalisierte Daten fr diese Anzeige. Das verrt zumindest dass die Plattform von Atruvia AG in der Lage ist, im Online-Banking personalisierte Werbung auszuspielen. ich bitte um Aufklrung was das soll.

WTAF It takes a few minutes just to opt out of tracking on a TD website I was looking for one small piece of information.


Helio Ring: Amazfit kommt Samsungs Fitness-Tracker-Ring zuvor

Gerade Bildungseinrichtungen sollten sich mit den komplexen Problemen, die mit einhergehen, auseinandersetzen und sich fr sowie digitale Mndigkeit einsetzen. Dazu gehren auch Nutzung und Bereitstellung unabhngiger Infrastrukturen, jenseits von , Aufmerksamkeitskonomie und , verbunden mit von Nutzenden.

Was Betreiber von Webseiten und Apps ber Cookie-Banner und Tracking wissen sollten. Schulung am Do, 1.2./14h. Vor Ort und Online im Bildungszentrum

Die hat die Entwicklungen bei Google im vergangenen Jahr zu , insbesondere in , zusammengefasst.


Why is getting rid of

Wow, they actually did it.
FTC bans X-Mode from selling phone location data, and orders firm to delete collected data

I'd be so surprised if there wasn't a carve out for Federal Government access.

Your daily reminder that everything in a URL of the form


is used for tracking people and can (and should) safely be delete before sharing or opening a link.

Don't be a fool, stop polluting the web.

Web-Tipps: Gute Vorstze wirklich umsetzen

Neues Jahr, neue Vorstze: Die Website "Don't Break the Chain" gibt den Anreiz die persnlichen Vorhaben durch Ankreuzen oder Abhaken gewissenhaft umzusetzten.

Should also mention that I don't believe Privacy Badger to add much if any when one is already using FPI + ETP + UBO. I also don't trust the EFF's competence that much when it comes to avoiding surveillance. They give some glaringly bad privacy advice for publication in non-techie journals like the Atlantic such as telling people their choice is either blocking all cookies or being selective about blocking, with preference for the latter. Neither of those choices are workable. They still recommend using Chrome and Brave, so they are afraid of being seen to play favorites with computer programs (a misguided stance that has probably caused harm already, IMO).

Firefox started a revolution (no exaggeration) with its state isolation (FPI etc) features that are now being copied by Safari and others. (This has 3rd party trackers like Google, their executives, sweating bullets.) In response, 'savvy' tech organizations who hand out privacy advice to consumers ought to have updated their material by now.

I think it should be easier to be digitally self-determined than not.
Device manufacturers shouldn't be allowed to enable any kind of remote server synchronization or tracking by default!

If you want self-determination: Use GrapheneOS!

, () - . , Obsidian. - .

Ist es moralisch verwerflich, die VG WORT im Abblocken zu haben Ich finde ja und warum das so ist habe ich aufgeschrieben.

Das Zhlpixel der VG WORT

Autor*innen stehen Anteile der Urheberrechtsabgaben zu, wenn sie frei kopierbare Texte verffentlichen. Diese Abgaben fhren alle Menschen ab die in Deutschland z.B. ein Tablet oder ein Smartphone kaufen, einen Scanner oder eine Festplatte, denn alle diese Gerte sind in der Lage, frei kopierbare Texte 

#Adblocker #Autorenleben #Cookies #tracking #VGWORT

#Adblocker #Autorenleben #Cookies #tracking #VGWORT

Google introduced its location tracking service in February 2009. A year later, in March 2010, I bought my first Android phone: the . A few days later Ive enable Google Latitude on it and my first checkin was on 31 March 2010 at 16:20:48 CEST. And apart from when I was without a smartphone, I never stopped logging my location.

Back then, this was a godsend to e.g. match photos taken with a proper camera to their location as phone cameras of the time were of pretty bad quality and digital cameras didnt have GPS built-in. Even in 2023 Ive used this several times to finally assign a location tag to some still untagged photos from over 10 years ago. Its also great to do your work timesheets as you can easily see when you arrived at a site and when you left again.

Google Latitude was sunset in 2013 but the location tracking feature lived on in Google Maps as Location History, or later Timeline.


In 2018, I was looking for a way to take more control over that pretty personal data. After a short search, Ive found and forked s . A simple PHP GUI that shows a map with where you were at what time and that can work with location data reported via the free app. The OwnTracks app was one of the very few, that only needed a low single-digit percentage of precious battery juice per day.

Ive added support for and various different -based maps. And I was able to import all historic data from Google as well. My ca. 500 MiB Location History.json resulted in a 200 MiB SQLite3 database. Thanks to , adding a new entry was still happening fast enough and I was pretty happy with the overall result.


Five years later, I figured there must be a similar app but thats still in active development and more of a standard than what Im using. My research ended with me choosing as I already had a small installation on my webspace. PhoneTrack can work with data packets from OwnTracks as well, so apart from changing the URL and adjust the device id, nothing else was needed.

As I used NextCloud with SQLite3 as well, moving over the data was as easy as connecting to the NextCloud db, attaching the previous database into the session and running a pretty straightforward command.

ATTACH /tmp/owntracks.db3 AS otINSERT INTO ocphonetrackpoints (deviceid, lat, lon, timestamp, accuracy, altitude, batterylevel, useragent, speed, bearing) SELECT 1, latitude, longitude, epoch, accuracy, altitude, batterylevel, "OwnTracks", velocity, heading FROM ot.locations WHERE trackerid="mb"

Now, after processing an incoming location record from OwnTracks, PhoneTrack gathers the latest locations of your NextCloud friends and sends them back for OwnTracks to display. However, with my 13 years of location history, the database took several seconds to give a result for my freshest record.

With me having switched to an iPhone in the meantime, this often was enough to blow the time iOS allotted for background tasks and thus the records would pile up in the queue on my phone. I then had to open the app and let them get synced to PhoneTrack. This wasnt ideal, so Ive disabled the code for returning the friends list in my installation. It worked great after that.


Upon reading a recent , I was reminded of again. As Im pretty deep in the Apple ecosystem and perfectly happy with their native apps and iCloud, I never used my NextCloud installation. And I figured if I could replace PhoneTrack, I could get rid of my NextCloud installation and thus have one huge do-it-all app less to take care of.

I dismissed Traccar before, because it is a Java application and I usually preferred traditional PHP apps I can just plop onto my server. Now, that Im using Docker everywhere I can, I welcomed that Traccar can be installed these days.

So I pulled the default , for the desired database and with a simple Docker Compose file like this, Traccar was up and running in seconds:

version: "3.8"services:  db:    image: mariadb:latest    environment:      - MARIADBAUTOUPGRADE=1      - MYSQLRANDOMROOTPASSWORD=1      - MYSQLDATABASE=traccar      - MYSQLUSER=traccar      - MYSQLPASSWORD=traccar    volumes:      - /opt/docker/traccar/mysql:/var/lib/mysql:Z      - /opt/docker/traccar/mysql-conf:/etc/mysql/conf.d:ro    restart: unless-stopped  server:    image: traccar/traccar:latest    restart: unless-stopped    dependson:      - db    volumes:      - /opt/docker/traccar/conf/traccar.xml:/opt/traccar/conf/traccar.xml:ro      - /opt/docker/traccar/logs:/opt/traccar/logs:rw    ports:      - 8082:8082/tcp      - 5144:5144/tcp      #- 5000-5150:5000-5150/tcp      #- 5000-5150:5000-5150/udp          labels:      traefik.enable: "true"      traefik.http.routers.traccar.rule: Host(traccar.mydomain.tld)      traefik.http.routers.traccar.entrypoints: websecure      traefik.http.routers.traccar.tls: "true"      traefik.http.routers.traccar.tls.certresolver: le      traefik.http.routers.traccar.service: traccar "8082"      traefik.http.routers.traccar-ot.rule: Host(traccar.mydomain.tld)      traefik.http.routers.traccar-ot.entrypoints: traccar      traefik.http.routers.traccar-ot.tls: "true"      traefik.http.routers.traccar-ot.tls.certresolver: le      traefik.http.routers.traccar-ot.service: traccar-ot "5144"

(I had to create the traccar entrypoint on my , to allow incoming logs from OwnTracks to port 5144 of the Traccar server. Traefik is also doing the HTTPS for the incoming OwnTracks connection.)

Import PhoneTrack history to Traccar

Now that Traccar was happily running, I wanted to import my history from PhoneTrack into it. And luckily, . So it was as easy as exporting all PhoneTrack data to a CSV file, like:

sqlite3 --csv owncloud.db "select * from ocphonetrackpoints" > ocphonetrackpoints.csv

And then creating a MySQL query to import that CSV back into Traccars database. As I wanted to keep metadata, especially the battery level, I had to use some trickery to get a valid JSON structure for Traccar.

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/tmp/ocphonetrackpoints.csv'INTO TABLE tcpositionsFIELDS  TERMINATED BY ','  LINES TERMINATED BY 'n'IGNORE 1 ROWS (  id,  deviceid,  lat,  lon,  timestamp,  accuracy,  satellites,  altitude,  batterylevel,  useragent,  speed,  bearing) SET  protocol="owntracks",  deviceid=1,  servertime=FROMUNIXTIME(timestamp),  devicetime=FROMUNIXTIME(timestamp),  fixtime=FROMUNIXTIME(timestamp),  valid=1,  latitude=lat,  longitude=lon,  altitude=altitude,  speed=speed,  course=bearing,  accuracy=accuracy,  attributes=JSONCOMPACT(    JSONMERGEPATCH(      IF(LENGTH(batterylevel)>0, CONCAT(""batteryLevel":", FLOOR(batterylevel), ""), ""),      IF(LENGTH(bearing)>0, ""motion":true", "")    )  )

And one restart of Traccar later, all my old records were there. Time to decommission my NextCloud installation.

#google #gps #latitude #location #tracking

New Mapping Finds the Oceans Are Filled With "Dark Vessels"

Ich wusste ja, dass viel und in Webseiten drin steckt, aber das ist dann doch schon hart.

Fast zwei Drittel der Abfragen sind unntig fr die Funktionalitt

Vom Gert mit der meisten Useraktivitt, mein Linux NB, sind es "nur" 27%. Am meisten >70% ist ein Tablet, das nichts macht - zumindest ist der Bildschirm aus.

erlebst du das auch so krass

The tracks lie in your very soul.

Ja, das ist sicher richtig und Heise ist da natrlich ein Negativbeispiel (unter vielen).

Trotzdem freue ich mich, wenn das Krebsgeschwr wenigstens nicht auch noch aktiv durch das Teilen von mit Trackingparametern verseuchten Links gefrdert wird.

Use a Browser That Blocks

Anyone who tracks animals knows that tracking involves more than just footprints. Its about paying attention It requires searching for sign Its about piecing together subtle clues And its also about reaching for the highest level of perceptual training.
Jon Young & Tiffany Morgan, Animal Tracking Basics

NBTV is a great YouTube channel all about explaining privacy topics in an easy way.

Their video about different ways phones are leaking their location is a recommended watch:

Ende der Drittanbieter-: beginnt mit "Tracking Protection" heise online

Bei hohem Verkehrsaufkommen oder schlechterem Wetter funktioniert bei DHL das Tracking nicht mehr.
Logisch. Der Zusammenhang war mir schon immer klar.

Google Chrome starts blocking data tracking cookies

The advertising industry spox quoted in this piece is right that the new cookie blocking feature in Chrome is designed to benefit Google alone.

If web users value their online privacy, they should choose for themselves what level of tracking and advertising is acceptable. This requires only a modest attention to detail, with the use of browsers such as Firefox that allow users to install configurable add-ons.

DOI: I use Firefox with the uBlock Origin add-on, which in my case is set to allow some adverts, but blocks all manner of annoyances such as third-party cookies, popups, intrusive banners, widgets, newsletter sign-up boxes, social media bollocks, everything Facebook,

Years after rival web browsers made the move, Google Chrome on Jan. 4 will begin blocking websites from using third-party cookies, the easiest way to track our online behavior as we move around the web.

Neue Seekarte enthllt Lcken im Schiffs-Tracking. Groteil der Fangschiffe und Frachter fahren unsichtbar ber die Meere.

Ende der Drittanbieter-Cookies: Google Chrome beginnt mit "Tracking Protection"

Die ersten Chrome-Nutzer bekommen keine Drittanbieter-Cookies mehr. Wie erkennen Anwender, ob sie bereits zu Googles neuen Privatsphre-Plnen gehren

Met behulp van 295273 regels heeft AdGuard Home 7.55 % van de DNS-verzoeken gefilterd op advertenties. ()

Tot nu toe heb ik voorkomen dat 3456 advertenties en trackers het thuisnetwerk konden bereiken door gebruik van AdGuard Home! ()

Here's what you need to know about Google's plan to replace the internet's most pervasive tracker.

Which websites tracks you to a level that blows your mind

Blacklight is a Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector. Enter the address of any website, and Blacklight will scan it and reveal the specific user-tracking technologies on the site.

Starbucks App Traps Users in Vicious Cycle of Shaken Espresso, Says Consumer Advocate

Preparing for the end of third-party cookies Actions to take as Chrome deprecates third-party cookies

AdGuard Home heeft vandaag 50033 DNS-verzoeken afgehandeld! ()

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