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May Have Led to Online of

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May Have Led to Online of , Research Says
New research from Adalytics, which analyzes found tech companies could have tracked across internet, raising concerns about whether they were undercutting a federal law, the report said. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or , requires children's online services to obtain parental consent before collecting personal data from users under age 13.

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I noticed a new privacy setting in Google Chrome, Ad Privacy. If you are concerned about ad tracking, you might want to review the three settings.

Settings, then Privacy & Security, then Ad Privacy, then choose each of the three settings.

It looks like there's supposed to be a notification about it, because I got one on one of my computer profiles, but didn't get one on the other two profiles, so that notification may be buggy.

Enormous and important research from Adalytics about Google and Youtube disgusting and shameful approach with ad targeting towards children, including online tracking their activity (+ more from NYTimes report: )

I wish politicians would actually focus on limiting/forbidding such invasive digital advertising rather than asking for encryption backdoors.

in your email that starts with "Proton Mail updates: Defeat tracking links..." you linked Twitter and Reddit as places to get engaged with the company. And your mail footer links to Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

Given the nature of your products and positioning around privacy would it make sense to also link to your Mastodon presence

Kunde hat mal wieder Proleme mit dem Tag Manager und mit dem und dem ganzen Schei...

Meine Intention wre ja ihn zu fragen ob ers nicht einfach ausbauen will, dann wre allen geholfen...
Aber da dieser Vorschlag schon mal rger gab lass ich das wohl besser sein...

Bah. Guess they caught up with me

The only thing any and does is drive people from " Outlets" to questionable tinfoilhatted & whist propping up some in the form of that also require more and further !

if they only knew this and would follow best practices from the start but oh no they need to do all the they can with the and they can

#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy:mtxtracking:
#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy

Cult of the Dead Cow : A secure network for apps that flips off the economy

Its like and had sex and produced this thing
"The system means there's no address, no no collection, and no tracking that's the biggest way that people are monetizing your internet use," "Billionaires are trying to monetize those connections, and a lot of people are falling for that."

I'll never disable my out of principle because these sites won't respect my and literally lie into my face!

If they'd care about they'd make their shit , , not use and shit like ...

The term 'smart' is a nice term for 'connected to WiFi/Internet' in other words... 'spyware'. The only thing smart about the product is its and surveillance on the user.

a few examples:

> spyphone
> spywatch
> spydoor
> spyTV
smartThermostat > spyThermostat

I'm sure you get my meaning. These data big corps brainwashed average users to allow to be spied upon. Many pay money to the spyware companies, like to the super club members, to be be spied upon. How ingenious is that.

So whenever I hear another 'smart' device hits the market. it's another device hitting the market.

We see youre using an ad-blocker.

I see youre douchebags.

#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy

Ads May Have Led to Online of , Research Says

YouTubes practices on kids channels could have resulted in companies tracking children across the web, a report said.

Hmm, die - gibt im das Zeitfenster mit Millisekundengenauigkeit an:

From: "2023-08-17T13:10:06.736",
To: "2023-08-17T13:30:11"

Und die -Koordinaten des Lkw mit atomarer Auflsung :
Lat: 51.5090484619141

#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy:mtxtracking:
#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy:mtxtracking:
#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy:mtxtracking:
#dns #tracking #tracker #privacy

"Now, theres finally an industry discussion happening about the best methods of preventing unwanted trackers."

ber einen check bei erfahren, dass Verbindung zu facebook und google Diensten aufbaut. Und nun frage ich mich warum. Ein log mit besttigt das. Wei jemand was genaues

Your #computers #tracking device shown in a #diagram

How come your not tracked

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has introduced a way to thwart stalkers with Unknown Alerts on , a new method to protect Android users from those who seek to plant a device.

I'm at (in ).

I'm waiting for a that would have been nice to have last week. The original expected date was Monday 14 August.

I checked the today, said delivery was attempted Saturday 2:15pm, but "no one was available to accept it".

They definitely didn't try to deliver it. I was home. Neighbour's door cam showed no FedEx vehicle.

Tracking said delivery would be re-attempted today.

They didn't show.

Read more about DuckDuckGo's App Tracking Protection for Android.

DuckDuckGo is known for its privacy-centric search engine and its mobile browser. But few people know about its feature to block tracking. (Android only)

Do you use DuckDuckGo's App Tracking Protection (Please boost for wider reach.)

Like Gerd Hagezi's attitude to making money out of his (for blocking corporate of you online). "I do not want any money donations. If you don't know what to do with your money, invest it in aid or similar projects, do something good with it. There is enough misery in the world. Accepting money donations would also be absolutely unfair to the maintainers of the sources used, that's not my way. Without these, ... these lists would be simply nothing."

Eigentmer von halbwegs beliebten -Plugins bekommen viele Angebote, diese gegen Bezahlung mit , und sonstigem Schmarrn zu versehen.

Gesichtserkennung: nutzt Bosch-Kameras zur Kontrolle der Kopftuchpflicht
"....Praktisch hnge etwa in der Innenstadt von an jeder Straenecke eine Kamera, verweist der auf Erkenntnisse einer Gruppe iranischer Oppositioneller. Am weitesten verbreitet seien Kameras des chinesischen Herstellers Tiandy. Immer wieder wrden aber auch Modelle von Bosch herangezogen, die fr die Verkehrsberwachung installiert worden seien...
Der SWR zitiert zudem aus einem Dokument, wonach 2017 an der Khatam-Universitt in Teheran eine Schulung von Bosch Security und einem iranischen Vertriebspartner organisiert worden sei. Themen sollen demnach etwa Face Recognition, Face Detection und das intelligente Nachverfolgen (Tracking) von Objekten gewesen sein. Als Schulungsleiter werde in dem Papier einer der Vertriebsleiter fr den Nahen Osten von Bosch genannt."

Link geht auch ohne .

Cloudflare doesn't always let me in either. I then try 1) Disable JShelter fingerprinting protection 2) Clear cache 3) Move mouse randomly.

Online privacy: Eight ways to mitigate Google and Facebook tracking

The concerns surrounding online privacy have become more significant than ever before here are some tips to help mitigate big tech tracking.

Made a thing:

Im using on for some time, I highly doubt some trackings are still going on, even with ublock origin and chosen protection to strict, even with a

Im certain those channel owners can see whore visiting or whatever their activities are

Are there suggestions about what I can do about it Or should I simply avoid using it, but only on android

Tell me Im not being too sensitive about those tracking behaviour