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I've been using Firefox for years.

I've been using Firefox for years. It's great.

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Alert: No Google Topics in Vivaldi.

From the moment they started developing it, we have voiced our concerns about this whether it was Floc or Topics, and have sought to fully disable it in Vivaldi. We never had any faith in the Topics API from the very start

gets its way, bakes a user- ad platform directly into Ars Technica

Contributing to #openstreetmap : added a #road and several #buildings near my grandparent's house here in the #mountain, at I Prati di #Stroncone.
#osm #ideditor #gpx #tracking #aerial

If is and sending my history to to help them target at me, how does this help them if I'm mostly on anyways.

Like I might go to a to form up a at most, once a week. I'm sure this amount of would only be effective if I were on the sites often enough to see the anyways. I get my on Mastodon so that kills the need of constantly using a for me.

For most normal users though, yeah i'd recommend them switching to to avoid this new tracking.

I made a blocklist of servers and hosts, for copy-paste into your hosts file. This to improve your and increase your web browsing . Do not apply this list if you are an SEO consultant: your tools will stop working.

Vivaldi unfortunately doesn't have a true portable version (but then again, neither does Ungoogled Chromium). Chromium-based does have a PAF, however. It shows the tracking features in the settings, but they're disabled by default. With Lite and the excellent added, it would seem to meet my needs for those few sites that don't work w/ Firefox. 2/2

Thank you for giving these instructions on how to opt out of 's new platform

says no to Topics in its browser "Google's euphemistically named or Ad Privacy feature is a topic of hot debate. ... It still relies on the profiling of users, is said to give Google even more control over the advertising market, and is the first time that an solution that includes is integrated natively in a web browser." 1/2

I'm not into cars at all, I don't own one.

Yesterday I visited a friend who just got a Range Rover

This morning on my feed , I got this

It might be odd - but I didn't stop using Chrome a few years ago because I was concerned about their tracking - the last stroke was when they took away the shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+Q".

Google bakes an ad platform directly into Chrome Chrome now directly tracks users via a topic list

How did anyone NOT see this coming! Theyre like the biggest agency :blobfacepalm:

Frankly, Im surprised it took this long

gets its way, bakes a user- directly into Ars Technica

Google Chrome's new "privacy Sandbox" is just a targeted advertising Scheme, and vivaldi plans to block the Topics API, which is the Heart of the Privacy Sandbox user-Tracking system completely. Click through for more details.

Personally I still recommend Firefox.


It's not as if they eben have the resources or need to find out if any customers are from outside their own ZIP code.

Even if everyone had static IPs allocated and a non-anonymized WHOIS that literally tells them the exact legal adress of every visitor, that would be absurdy

There is no "legitimate interest" because we can do and shopping carts without and without .

All those shitty tell me is that they don't value ...

says its is ready: is shipping in finally. So, la $GOOG is preparing to switch off .

Sinister land grab In todays , we see both sides. At s :

New set of anti-tracking tools available to most Chrome users

"Did any user in the world want a and ad platform baked directly into their Probably not, but this is , and they control , and this probably still won't make people switch to ."

Dieser von kommt direkt aus der Hlle. Hat irgendwer mitgezhlt, wie viel Hundert Klicks das sind, um alle mglichen Datenabflussstellen (aka Werbepartner) abzuhakeln Bei mir ist zwischendrin der Banner verschwunden und ich konnte nicht mehr nachzhlen.
wir sollten diesen Cokiebanner-Sppedrumn fr den nchsten CCC-Congress echt machen und Negativpreise fr die Seiten verleihen.

"Your car has 'unmatched power' to spy on you and share the data"

"Cars are now computers on wheels which means they 'have an unmatched power to watch, listen, and collect information about what you do and where you go,' per the report. That information is then shared with or sold to data brokers, law enforcement, and others."

Unsurprisingly, the team behind the browser have confirmed that 's new Topics API in , which will mine your browser's history for your interests and report that data to sites that request it, will not be enabled in their :

If you want to use a based browser but don't want Google's and invasions there are few better choices than Vivaldi.

Periodic reminder. Use Temporary Containers in Firefox

Wealthy Russian With Kremlin Ties Gets 9 Years in Prison for Hacking and Insider Trading Scheme Source: &LawEnforcement

Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome

The will keep coming
gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into
Chrome now directly tracks users, generates a "topic" list it shares with advertisers.

You will have seen a popup at some point if you are still using Chrome telling you that they want to enroll you in their privacy-preserving plan.

Treat the idea with the scorn it deserves. They are in fact trying to get you to agree to their tracking program.

You'll probably be using Firefox already if you care about that kind of thing though I guess.


Oh jeesh, deadline is today (9-7) on the CDC allowing public comment on wastewater collection. You can tell them we need wastewater collection expanded so we can better keep track of COVID:

Wealthy Russian With Kremlin Ties Gets 9 Years in Prison for Hacking and Insider Trading Scheme &LawEnforcement

PBS Terra
What If Our Clothes Could Disrupt Surveillance Cameras

Die Bahn-App DB Navigator ist voll mit Trackern. Wir klagen zusammen mit IT-Sicherheitsexperte Mike Kuketz und Rechtsanwalt Peter Hense dagegen. Denn wir wollen Bahn fahren nicht Daten liefern.

The already set them an ultimatum:

If your vehicle was made in the last few years, youre probably driving around in a data-harvesting machine that may collect personal information as sensitive as your race, weight, and sexual activity.

Video - The risks of stalkerware
"The risks of stalkerware
"GMAs" Becky Worley explores the risk of the electronic surveillance applications."

Is dead There's everywhere. Add to the mix...

I have Tor, but it isn't suitable for all things. Neither is FF Klar/Focus and IceCat. I found that Chrome was required for boarding passes for Westjet. It is in Insular (FOSS version of Island- isolated from all apps). So we make do with imperfect combinations. I also recommend Blokada from F-droid. No ads on android and blocked 200k trackers in a year.

I just use minus and shit!( ) as well for ( )....

It just works!

more, people...

Probably many are reading too quickly, so a reminder:

is the holding company for , in turn including also , , and

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is behind , , ,

So indeed, having them allow to choose their / , reducing the tethers and unfair with these above is great. True, 's missing

What is an NFT?