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How "Target" corp Figured Out A

How "Target" corp Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did

"What Target discovered fairly quickly is that it creeped people out that the company knew about their pregnancies in advance."

If we send someone a catalog and say, Congratulations on your first child! and theyve never told us theyre pregnant, thats going to make some people uncomfortable"

they more subtly spread them about:

Then we started mixing in all these ads for things we knew pregnant women would never buy, so the baby ads looked random. Wed put an ad for a lawn mower next to diapers. Wed put a coupon for wineglasses next to infant clothes. That way, it looked like all the products were chosen by chance.

And we found out that as long as a pregnant woman thinks she hasnt been spied on, shell use the coupons. She just assumes that everyone else on her block got the same mailer for diapers and cribs. As long as we dont spook her, it works.

Nachtrag: Link fr Android

Massive uptick in & and decline in overall rate for and young adults in decade+ since & introduced... According to this week's article from Jonathan Haidt, a Psychologist and Professor at Stern School of Business sees the trend as global, and once young people became algorithmically targeted by their handheld devices, their declines in math, reading, and science, risk taking, independence, and personal confidence, have happened globally. He sees the mass adoption of as a key culprit retarding & development.


101.1% of users of digital products have no real clue what the is upto.
Some believe they do, but they have not even scratched the surface.
And some will never know because of the

Die unabhngige, alternative BahnApp ist richtig gut! Es ist klar, dass es ein groer Aufwand ist, so eine gute App zu schreiben und zu pflegen. Wenn man es ernst meint und weder ein Konzern wie die DB ist, noch Werbung schalten mchte, dann kann man das nicht fr lau machen.

Ich habe mir gerade die Premium-Variante im Jahresabo geholt, um den Entwickler zum Weitermachen zu ermutigen!

Dla osb zainteresowanych wycieczkami (rowerowymi czy nie) i rejestracj tras z GPS, na testowo zostaa zainstalowana apka PhoneTrack:

Sporo opcji, obsuguje wiele apek na telefony. Jeli bdziecie korzysta (ja dzisiaj testuj) i apka nie bdzie robi problemw na instancji , to zostanie :)


P.S. Jeli nie wiesz co to NCH: chmura oparta o , zawierajca m. in. czy (talk tylko dla grup) i wiele innych przydatnych aplikacji. Bezpatna przestrze to 15GB, z moliwoci zwikszenia limitu.

Dziaa pod adresem i suy ju ponad 2 tysicom osb oraz organizacjom czy projektom :)

"After this investigation I considered deleting my accounts, but since the age of 11 theyve underpinned my social life, my work, my memories, my relationships. So in the end, I didnt I couldnt. That is just what companies like Meta rely on."

How to Figure Out What Your Knows About You (and Opt Out of Sharing When You Can)

Location Data Tracks Clinic Visits. Heres What to Know

I may have started the YouTube channel last week with my intro, but I think it's really real this week with my first explainer.

I'm telling myself to get excited about all the opportunities for improvement here.

- mit System selber gebaut + + Erklrung eines -. ...

, und um herauszufinden, wann ihr daheim seid und wann nicht

A GDPR complaint cookie banner offers equal choice for accepting and rejecting tracking technologies(not limited to cookies)
And offers an equally easy option to withdraw consent once given.
The last point is seldom implemented. (it also implies deleting the data sold to 100's of "carefully selected" business partners)
See also the excellent work of with

What I don't get about the whole TikTok spying on Americans argument is that why this is different than what Meta and Google et al does I mean, can't China (which the accusation is directed at) just buy the data from any of the numerous data brokers anyway

Norwegian investigative journalists have show how easy it is to piece together detailed info about random individuals from so-called anonymised tracking data you can just buy.

"Sauber" heit fr mich vor allem: kein . In dieser Kategorie bekommt Apple eine glatte 5, Spotify eine 4-.

Nasa Climate Maps:

Wer kann mir sagen, warum stndig aufgerufen wird, auch wenn ich gar nicht aktiv nutze Ist das Ich sehe die Subdomain stndig im Log.

May I add another observation along the same lines

I often see folks posting super long links that have tracking embedded in them.

Example altered to disable link:

It seems that many people don't know that everything past the "" in that link is unnecessary for navigation and only serves to provide tracking.

When copying and pasting links you need only copy up to (and not including) the ""

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Carry on.

, , , they origin from, and help keeping the fediverse free of


"Digitalzwang bei Bahncards
Ohne Kundenkonto kein gnstiges Ticket
Die Bahn zwingt Bahncard-Kund.innen ein Online-Kundenkonto auf. Angeblich zum Wohle der Umwelt. Oder geht es doch um etwas ganz anderes"


The content users provide on Google Maps can be used indirectly to follow people's movements and learn their timetables and habits

I hope so...

is working on that already...

In the meantime, by because is specifically designed to give shite a big middle finger!

and become a !

Ich finde es richtig und wichtig das gegen die Praktiken der mit der klagt.
Ich finde es aber sehr fragwrdig, dass mit einer Entscheidung des Gerichts erst in einem Jahr oder spter gerechnet wird.
Was ist mit den in diesem Zeitraum dann schon gemachten Versten, bei 2 Millionen Nutzerinnen und Nutzern pro Tag

: klagt gegen in Deutsche-Bahn-App

Upgraded to iOS 17.4 last night, and almost forgot to go turn Bluetooth back off, again.

This is really messed up stuffs...

I call it despotic overreach via subjugation through state sponsored industrial surveillance systems.... It has nothing to do with capitalism but rather, that thing that Thomas Jefferson gave us... you know, the thing.

Been to a grocery store lately You've been complaining for decades now, that they artificially inflate the prices of items so that they can offer you steep discounts on a rotating list of them - If, and only if, you consent to being a "club member". Personally, I've consented many a times Rite-Aid, Albertson's, Wallgreens, CVS,Von's, and many others, as Brittney Spears, Charles Manson, Joseph Stalin, and even John Rambo, another obvious #nomdeguerre to combat what would follow as spam but worse, industrial surveillance and privacy mining (of course, you also need to use a fake phone number and a /dev/null email addy).

Have you tried to buy things at Jack in the Box or 7/11 or Mcdonald's lately ... They have an app for that. Why do you suppose that is They could just as easily and more efficiently deliver their content via PWS/webapps through your regular browser experience (they don't want to be counter-measured with uBlock Origin or integrated anti-tracking measures on the more sensible web browsers).

They're working really hard to deliver you to evil. I walked into a Smart & Final the other day and saw an unbelievable price for a 30 pack of Natural Light Beer - you had to use a "digital coupon" (just like you do at 7/11 to pay the regular, competitive price for an item). I asked the cashier where in their weekly rag the "digital coupon" was located, and she informed me that one needs to install an app to be eligible for the discount. Fuck that noise. Homey don't play dat.

China has ... Resistance is Futile.

When you install an app, it's a whole different ballpark of invasiveness, intrusions, data farming, and privacy mining, it's like it's your first day in #PelicanBay and you announce that you're going to drop the soap as you shower.

So the next time someone says, "Thank you for shopping at Walmart!", or synonymously, "Go Fuck Yourself", just smile, and offer, "Yes, there's an app for that".

What follows below in the #boost I've shared, that so inspired me to address this issue, is not a simple inconvenience - it's a new beginning :p In #CommunistRedChina, you do everything on your #WeChat app - you submit your elementary school homework, you buy stuffs at the local market, you inform on yourself and your friends to their state equivalent of the #Stazi, and you tell them exactly where to come and arrest, perhaps even disappear you. #FalunGong Healthy awesome! Now your a live organ donor too - you can thank #MegWhitman for that one.

You have been assimilated

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

#tallship #SunnyvaleSyndrome #IndustrialSurveillance #PrivacyMining #DataFarming #Tracking #Despotism #AYBABTU h/t to for bringing this to us via his #LibreSolutionsNetwork



Hallo ,

Ihr werdet mir immer UNSYMPATHISCHER!

With the ConvergePoint contract management software, you can optimize your processes by avoiding these 5 mistakes that your organization makes while managing contracts.

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heise+ Brave vs. Chrome: Was der alternative Browser besser macht

Google Chrome dominiert den Browser-Markt. Einen besseren Schutz vor Trackern bietet jedoch Brave: Der Privacy-Browser berzeugt mit effektiven Schutzmanahmen.

Kann jemand aus der mich berzeugen, zur Teilnahme am aufzurufen meine Bedenken/Gegenargumente sind: Besonders das erwnschte berzeugt mich nicht, weil die entstehenden Daten ohnehin unvollstndig und nicht reprsentativ sind, m.E also nicht fr Planungen taugen. Und ich finde, dass sich zuerst die verbessern muss bevor ich guten Gewissens zum Radeln aufrufen kann. Aber ich wrde mich gerne widerlegen lassen!

When we think of tracking or surveillance, we often think of Facebook, Instagram or Google but Viber (chat app) and Canva (photo editing) also do some tracking.

Erst muss man das zulassen, wenn man weiterlesen will, um danach dann festzustellen, dass der Artikel hinter einer ist. Das ist ein Verhalten, dass ich nicht okay finde.

, , mangelhafte Interoperabilitt mit Dingen auerhalb des , ,

Users demand that their browsers protect them from tracking and other attempts to spy on them on the internet. A new generation of programs now specialize in protecting privacy.

Un site web pour savoir o sont vos colis. Entrez juste votre numro de colis.
a marche avec DHL, LaPoste, Chronopost, MondialRelay, Colissimo, AliExpress, Amazon, etc.

EDIT: On me signale qui a l'air mieux.

If you like to use app on your setup to control lighting then be aware the latest update has all the appearances now of a now being a massive / platform.

The terms and conditions now ask you to explicitly opt out of 100+ different advertising brokers.

The only way to opt out is to manually scroll though two separate lists of advertising and tracking brokers and decline content for each and every one manually. The UI for has a poor UX.

At least one listed option "Stream Eye OOD" has NO option to revoke their IP address tracking. I may have missed others.

Needless to say SignalRGB is now uninstalled and I won't be using or recommending it again.

You may want to review it's usefulness for your own setup and if you really wish to have that much unnecessary tracking taking place on your PC's.

Sendung NANO (11. Mrz 2024): Datenschutz - Autos sind neugieriger, als sie sein drften.

Ab 00:55 bis ca. 08:55. Sehenswert.

Are Sharing Consumers Driving Behavior With Companies

, which generates consumer risk profiles for the insurers, knew about every trip G.M. drivers had taken in their cars, including when they sped, braked too hard or accelerated rapidly.

We are tracked in all our movements. Cameras, sensors IoTs connected, smart phone. Smart meter, smart watch, and of course smart cars reporting to insurance companies. Beware your abrupt braking could cost you.

Death and dying