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Ausblick: Ich arbeite gerade an einem

Ausblick: Ich arbeite gerade an einem aktuellen Tutorial fr Pi-hole auf einem Raspberry Pi. Dieser wird ins Heimnetzwerk eingebunden und die Fritz!Box als vorgeschalteter DNS-Server verwendet. HowTo mit Beschreibung, warum das Setup sinnvoll ist, wird demnchst erscheinen.

First weekend of class, round 3.

Today we explored lots of poop. It continues to amuse me that beaver poop is basically compressed sawdust. Of course it is.

And I misidentified a mountain lion track as a domestic dog, which is hilarious because people are always doing the opposite.

throws $93M to make location lawsuit disappear "As we often note when these sorts of stories happen, Google's fine equates to around half a percent of its Q2 2023 net income of $18 billion." FWIW I try to keep my cheap Android phone as private as I can, using it without an account and replacing Google apps with FLOSS whenever possible.

: russischer Journalistin in Deutschland mit infiziert heise online

Original study:

T. Lenssen-Erz, Animal tracks and human in prehistoric rock art of the Doro! nawas mountains (), analysed by present-day experts,
18(9), 2023.

Google throws California $93M to make location tracking lawsuit disappear

Do not follow The Atlantic's dangerously muddled advice on avoiding ... In an attempt to appear moderate, they advise selectively rejecting cookies, which is labor-intensive and falls right into the trap they tell you to avoid in Rule 3.

The absolute best way to avoid trackers online is to use 1) a browser like with a strict setting that will accept but also silo cookies & cache 2) an ad-blocker like uBlock Origin 3) optionally, a reputable VPN service.

Blocking cookies actually gives websites a potent way to track you, believe it or not, because it creates an easy to identify behavioral fingerprint.

Interactive Media (Video Game) Strike Authorization 2023

SAG-AFTRAs National Board has voted unanimously to send a strike authorization vote to SAG-AFTRA members in preparation of the unions forthcoming bargaining dates with signatory video game companies

Extradited Russian Hacker Behind NLBrute Malware Pleads Guilty Source: &LawEnforcement &IdentityTheft

Extradited Russian Hacker Behind NLBrute Malware Pleads Guilty &LawEnforcement &IdentityTheft

For all those riding - I'm deeply rooting for you.

For all those into , , , and - check out the page of this lovely event:

Best entertainment you can get from people beating wind, rain, sun, hunger, mechanicals, themselves and the time limit.

(still hope we can ride the geologist pass in Russia - I'd definitely be back at Ruska a 4th time )

Start in a few minutes

Re-Post, aber das ist einfach so wichtig!

Fr Anfnger/Bequeme: Werbung und Tracker unter iOS/Android systemweit verbannen. Eine niederschwellige Anleitung, um endlich Ruhe zu haben - ohne viel tun zu mssen. Unbedingt empfehlenswert!

Episode 282


"Der zunehmende Datenhunger sorgt aber auch fr Widerstand von -Aktivisten. Bereits im vergangenen Jahr hatte der Verein die Deutsche verklagt, weil im Techniken zum eingebaut sind."

Est ce qu'il y a une etude srieuse sur le par ecoute de la parole

J'ai des connaissances qui se plaignent de ca. Elle disent parler d'un truc et voir ensuite des publicits associes.


to pay $93m in settlement over deceptive

My sons now old enough to get loyalty cards for supermarkets, coffee shops, and places to eat. He thinks this is great: free drinks! money off vouchers! Whats not to like On a recent car journey, I explained why the only loyalty card I use is the one for the Co-op, and introduced him to the murky world of data brokers.
In this article, Ian

If you are of a population they are you, everybody. Car, phone, MEDICAL HISTORY. If things go really bad in the US I fear they will dig into EVERYBODY'S history to find vulnerable ppl to put them in work camps. Get Hopefully Canada will let ppl in.

Nissan is tracking me. Anthem BCBS has my med info. They give a LOT to R. Phone is tracking. Gmaps shared my location with a contact. (Removed from phone.) We KNOW companies will give it up like FB.

fr 695 EUR gefllig

Track your Group

Gerade ein Bisschen durch den Store "geschlendert" und: Better Untis ))

gefunden, funktioniert ja mal viel besser als die standard

Kann ich jedem der es Braucht nur empfehlen!

Edit: Vorallem ohne :D

Rollbar might be good at tracking bugs, uninvited guests not so much Source:

Threat actors use Google Ads tracking templates as a loophole to create convincing Webex software search ads that redirect users to websites that distribute the BatLoader malware.

Hrempfehlung: Generation E mit Jrgen Veith, Geschftsfhrer von Zukunft-Fahrrad-Mitglied IoT Venture. Wie knnen internet-of-things-Lsungen den Alltag vieler Radfahrer:innen erleichtern Und wie sieht die Zukunft der Mobilitt eigentlich aus Antworten gibts hier

Chrome isnt fundamentally unsafe. But if youre worried about tracking, Brave is obviously the better choice, since anti-tracking tools are included and activated by default.

Nice case study by Growth.Design showing in an easy to understand way how Meta uses dark patterns to hide their shady data collection:

Die digitale Werbebranche steht vor der Herausforderung, das Tracking von Nutzerdaten an neue Datenschutzbestimmungen anzupassen und gleichzeitig die Bedrfnisse der User nach Privatsphre und Kontrolle zu bercksichtigen.

And this is why I'm finally replacing Chrome with Vivaldi as my backup mobile browser. (Currently using Firefox as primary on both desktop & mobile, already using Vivaldi as secondary on desktop, which is why I started there for the mobile replacement.)

Ich hatte mich ber das Fairphone informiert, weil mir geplanter Verschlei auf den Senkel geht (zu dem Thema hatte ich mal einen Artikel geschrieben, s. u.) und weil ich dachte, dass man da eventuell nicht permanent getrackt wird.

Mein Fazit: Die Idee ist gut, fr mich ndert sich nichts.

Pixel: Meta muss sich Klage wegen Gesundheitsdatensammlung stellen heise online

uBlock Origin, NoScrpt, Privacy Badger & Co verbessern keine Webseite, aber wenn du auf ein wenig Wert legst, wenig haben mchtest ist es empfehlenswert nicht ohne diese Begleiter im Internet spazieren zu gehen.
Die Handhabung ist z. T. allerdings nicht trivial und gewhnungsbedrftig.

Spent yesterday researching a thing I need, and expect to buy it today, having selected one.

BUT - in my morning reading, all the tracking has ads popping up, hammering me to buy THAT thing, and it makes me NOT want to buy it.

And some jerk will collect my stats and say "See - because of our ads, he bought our thing it works."

In reality my buy is due to my research and I'm *almost* convinced to get a different one just because of the intrusive ads & tracking.

Google Chrome just rolled out a new way to track you and serve ads. Here's what you need to know

How to turn off your location on an iPhone to stay under the radar.

Turning Location Services off can improve battery life, security, and overall phone performance.

Time to introduce as alternative to + I guess...

My website doesn't ask you if you want cookies. It doesn't track you. It doesn't even use JavaScript. You're welcome.

Es geht um die private Freiheit im Netz!

Wer und schtzt, kann sich bei Interesse dieser Seiten bedienen.

Missing Link: Staatstrojaner der Demokratie-Killer, der fast keinen juckt heise online

Anyone block tracking via AS codes using in

I block google via google's AS codes.

for example, from the AScode list below, there about 4k google IPs:


Depending on amount of surfing per day, pfblockerng can block as much as 80k google hits from all the google from google AS codes.

google fingers are entrenched everywhere. bloody hell.

Maybe be evil, if it's good for the stock price.

The idea, hopes, is that will survive privacy legislation that bans "compiling a dossier" style

They are piloting it now to see if it works. Because of Google's dominance over the browser ecosystem with and over online advertising generally, they're the only entity in a position to do something like this.


Map your Race