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Ahh, ebay- hat endlich mal den

Ahh, ebay- hat endlich mal den Absender gendert. Und direkt mal ein nettes eingebaut (-:

Mal nen Filter bauen und direkt weglschen lassen. Geht mir eh aufm Sack.


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Does Less Consumer Lead to Less Fraud

Heres another reason to block digital : it might reduce financial fraud. Thats the upshot of a small but promising study published as a National Bureau of Economic Research ( ) working paper, Consumer Surveillance and .

Yeah, thats not good.

I call bullshit on CNNs stop blocking our tracker code so that we can protect your privacy messaging.

"Mit dem Verzicht auf Plastik schonen wir die Umwelt und machen das Mitnehmen Ihrer Plastikkarte berflssig. Daher finden Sie Ihre digitale BahnBonus Karte jetzt in der BahnBonus App."

Liebe , das als "nachhaltig" zu verkaufen nennt man "Greenwashing" und dass ohne Eure App dann nichts mehr geht "Digital-Zwang". In Eurer Nachhaltigkeits-Rechnung fehlt der zustzliche Energieverbrauch durch App & Tracking. Und in der Gesamtrechnung der Mensch, der nicht getrackt werden will.

Who has tried calorie tracking apps or sites

I've tried a few. They're sort of ok for scanning barcodes of single portion packets of processed food.

But incredibly maladapted for cooking from scratch with a lot of different ingredients

Particularly when it's not clear who will be eating how much at what meal of what you make.

And you cook by what needs eating in fridge etc, by handful, pour & dash not meticulous weighing by recipe.

Any good experiences

is protecting you against tracking, even modern forms. Chrome is the choice of the data collection industry.
Bot are running in standard setup, in these screen shots.

Habe gerade mal an geschrieben.

Chrome starts the countdown to the end of tracking cookies

beginnt im Januar 2024 mit dem Verzicht auf Drittanbieter-Cookies heise online

"Czech Republic receives new electronic surveillance system"

"The system, known as the Deployable Passive Electronic Support Measures Tracker (DPET), is replacing the in-service Vera-S/M, although it will remain in the armament of the army and be used for training and use by Active Reserve units, according to an announcement by the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic."

Aaaactually I would argue it's quite simple: just don't spy on your readers and you're good. You might even *save* money by cleaning up your website of unnecessary tech and contracts with vultures.

Weekend Reads:

* OpenPGP for app devs book
* Nagios XI vulnerabilities
* Metro area network trends
* Certificate transparency systems
* Tracking device anti-stalking analysis

Privacy extension brawl: uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger

In diesem Beitrag hier ist noch die Rede davon, dass man das abstellen kann. Das scheint nun nicht mehr so zu sein.

Years after rival web browsers made the move, Google Chrome has begun blocking websites from using third-party cookies, the easiest way to track our online behavior as we move around the web.

I just noticed a funny change in the "cookie banner" you see on many websites. Suddenly they started to turn on by default a ton of 3rd parties with the annotation "legitimate interest". The last website I was on had like over 60 3rd parties with "legitimate interest".

TOTALLY not sus at all.

Google Chrome beginnt im Januar 2024 mit dem Verzicht auf Drittanbieter-Cookies

Vier Jahre nach Apple und Mozilla wird auch Google auf Drittanbieter-Cookies fr User-Tracking verzichten. Es beginnt am 4.1.2024 bei einem Prozent der Nutzer.

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, said Thursday that its App Tracking Protection in the DuckDuckGo Android browser is now out of beta and available to use on all Android phones.

One of the skills that humans have used their brain for is . Ability to track better was likely an evolutionary pressure towards greater intellectual skills - "better tracking" tends to "more food" tends to "pass genes on".

A memoir by called has tracking featuring heavily. (As does escaping from . )

I recomend it highly as a tool and a well worth reading.

Also if you always wanted to get a Geiger counter-like sound when domains are contacted, here is your extension for this for for too!

Gmails package tracking capability is getting two new features, including bumping messages to the top of your inbox, as the busy holiday shipping is in full swing.

The next step toward phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome Chrome is testing a new feature that limits cross-site tracking

Your Knows What Youre Watching The Markup

Heres how to turn off automated content recognition, the Shazam-like software on smart TVs that tracks what youre watching

Google Timeline history: Google is removing server storage of your location history. Probably good for privacy, worried about usability for my niche case.

va interdire toutes les extensions MV2 bloquant les sur .
Incluant notamment , pour ne citer que celle l !

In place of cookies, Google has introduced a new set of tools that makes the Chrome browser itself keep tabs on what youre doing online. Essentially, that data stays on your device, and your browser sorts you into various categories, or Ad Topics as Google calls them.
Make no mistake, Chrome is still tracking you, and doing it in a way that browsers like Firefox and Safari dont.

Googles plan to implement a new Tracking Protection feature in Chrome begins in January with the intention to completely disable third-party cookies in the second half of 2024.

Cough Radar

Users can now access information about the prevalence of coughs in their vicinity, offering a unique perspective on the health landscape around them.

The Sleep, Cough and Omicron Correlation

Sleep Cycles Cough Radar:
A New Frontier in Community Insights

Sleep Cycle App

Sleep Cycle Facebook

USPS (US Postal Service) package tracking has been basically non-functional for me for at least a month now. I'm talking about . It occasionally works, but more often than not it says "Sorry, we're currently experiencing technical difficulties". Downdetector's page has lots of reports for USPS tracking but does not seem to show a long history.
Anyone else in the having these sorts of issues with tracking

Der Digitalpolitische Wochenrckblick.
Es gab noch einige weitere wichtige Themen, die ihr wie immer hier bei den Quellen findet:
Mit Beitrgen von/mit:

Does anyone know of a library for mobile 6dof hand tracking Mediapipe only give me camera/screen coordinates. I can try the openCV solvePnP road, but if I don't need to reinvent the wheel...

" im E-Mail- und der Datenschutz"

Alt text:
Each image is a further zoomed in screenshot showing surveillance cameras in Paris, France.

OpenStreetMap supports mapping surveillance cameras.

Cameras can be identified by location and type.

The area being observed can be disclosed.

Surveillance under Surveillance/ is an OpenStreetMap instance focused on surveillance cameras, the data used is not visualized on the instance.


So, wants to share tracking data with hundreds (literally maybe thousands) of partners Wow... I can't even opt out of a lot of this!
Clear that something's wrong with the way they're doing things.

Makes me think of

3 years ago, a was placed on all of 's 78 & their 3,400 , them from adding . It still hasn't been lifted.

In terms, a capability is any skill set or type of training that allows SAR members to respond to specific types of situations or incidents. That includes , swift-water operations, flat-ice , winter responses, & .

Whether you are a professional who is aware of the need for privacy or a prepper, our backpack is the ideal solution for you. With quick access to secured sections with no need to roll or use velcros, it will always secure your digital devices.
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