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The province is not tracking

The province is not tracking the total number of children who are being tested for COVID-19 in government residential facilities such as group homes and foster care

globalnewsto Toronto The province is not tracking the total number of children who are being tested for COVID-19 in government residential facilities such as group homes and foster care. Breaking GTA News from Please visit us on Facebook @
citizenlab Toronto “NSO’s case is the precedent that proves the problem: rushed COVID-19 tracking efforts will imperil our privacy and online safety"- @jsrailton Research & development at the intersection of cyberspace, global security & human rights. Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto

Laurie_Garrett New York, NY Appreciate the caveats from @edyong209 & @yayitsrob -- but need to note that the @LosAlamosNatLab team that did the #SARSCoV2 mutation study is the biggest, best #HIV genomics tracking group in the world, with an awesome track record. Just saying. Former Sr Fellow @CFR_org. Recipient of Pulitzer Prize, Polk (2Xs) and Peabody Awards. Author: IHeard theSirensScream, TheComingPlague, Ebola & BetrayalofTrust.

ConradkBarwa @omgghorpad I do when I see something directly from here, if its from FB, WhatsApp group or Reddit I just take a SS because I can't be bothered to be tracking down individual tweets, ain't got that kinda time! Development economist obsessed with politics, classic films and bad television. Left-liberal, secular. Tries to be a male Feminist but fails.

BarbBerns TX @nick__puckett I hope someone is doing some tracking in that group so people can be notified in a few weeks. 2020 is another start and our fight. Resist like your future depends on it, because it does. #resist

PennMDForum Philadelphia, PA A group of researchers @Penn, including Raina Merchant, MD MSHP (@RainaMerchant) is trying to pinpoint the next potential hot spots for #COVID19 by monitoring, tracking and analyzing tweets in the United States. Dr. Merchant leads Penn's Center for Digital Health, #PennTogether @PennMDForum shares updates about providers, researchers, programs & initiatives at @PennMedicine, the Perelman School of Medicine and partner institutions.

vmintruther 18 she/her ⁷ kpop stans: D*ath threats? I sleep kpop stans: It’s extremely unethical and cruel to refer to my favorite group as fl*p. I will be calling the authorities, tracking your IP and placing a bounty on your head. Know what they have in Finland? Same sex marriage. Just saying. Safe trip BTS

Dustin45650013 @_GCS_ This is one species our India group considered tracking. This report is great news but may not be substantiated. If it's then that is a great sign for India. @sarahwhipple15 #ESS400 #India

HIHKatharine Missouri People in each other’s faces. Community straw dispensers and utensils. People leave a table and another group sits down at the same table. 2 weeks from now our COVID19 tracking chart line will be pointing straight up. Retired Mom of Fur Babies 🐾 Extreme Star Trek Enthusiast 🖖Vegetarian 🥕🥦 DEMOCRAT 🌊 Unabashed Atheist ☮️ SAINT BERNARDS ARE MY ❤️❤️ #VOTEBLUE2020

ACNHAlani Alani @tomnookslover I do voice chat with my partner sometimes if we’re not already facetiming lol but I’ll be using it in a group today because it should make tracking a scavenger hunt easier they/them | 24 | Northern Hemisphere | 🍊 | 🌷

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CharlieWageman I’m in that magic age group you covet. 80,000+ DEATHS = NO VOTE FROM ME #TrumpGenocide

tmj_SFO_phys San Francisco, CA Want to land a job like "ORS Trauma Surgeon" at Kaiser Permanente - The Permanente Medical Group, Inc. -Northern California? Applicant tracking systems look for specific keywords. Use the right keywords and get your resume in front of the hiring manager. #Physician #SanJose, CA Follow this account for geo-targeted Physician job tweets in San Francisco, CA. Need help? Tweet us at @CareerArc!

JasminaKelemen Houston, TX @AleVelascoNYU Also it’s interesting that it keeps being said in stories that the group was “infiltrated” and they were up against a Cuban trained intelligence agency But the story makes clear neither was necessary for tracking these guys. Reader, writer (I may have anonymously reviewed your book). Feature writer for Publishers Weekly. Live in Houston, furniture/books still in Caracas.

bakedblurbs United States @iNabber69 We need to start a group dedicated to tracking these people down. Just like that Netflix documentary Don’t f*ck with cats, but in this case dogs cancer ♋️ cat mom 😻 #legalize 🌳 why is there no weed emoji yet

divergingroads Calgary, Canada @luismbat @fermatslibrary And 360 is good for tracking the moon's cycles of 30-ish, and the moon was an important timepiece. 360 was multiple of base 60 which when having no modern number system was easy to divide things like wages for the individuals in a group or grain into smaller parcels. science nut, meta-physics ponderer, hi-tech-ist, haiku-ist, outdoor-ist, art-ist-pretender,tv -sport-ist--couch-potato, big-picture-ist, not on hype bandwagons

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