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TPD s Gus Gundi and

TPD s Gus Gundi and Gatti shown left to right in the group picture were all excellent today on their tracking searching and control work

DC_PoliceDogs Exeter, England TPD, s Gus, Gundi and Gatti shown left to right in the group picture were all excellent today on their tracking, searching and control work. Paul Glennon - Devon and Cornwall Police Dog Unit Please do not report crime via Twitter. Not monitored 24/7. Report crime, tel 101 or in an emergency 999.

JodelDeauna Boston, MA #HAILMARY!#AVEMARIA! Mean RO #DELTAVARIANT=5...Updated #STFRANCISCO #STJACINTA DATA! Expect increased hospitalization...younger age group 20's ...children #DISCRETEMATHEMATICS "IF"! I am "tracking" closely...not the #BLACKFUNGUS already present "everywhere"...the #DELTAVARIANT! I’m sharing the Numbers 11:5 Health Plan, the most effective health plan from the Bible. I'm also sharing our products, our services, and our information.

aussielunix Sydney, Australia I am yet to test out the form builder to replace Formspree, the collaborative documents (Confluence/GDocs replacement) or goal setting and tracking. One tool for the team to familiarise with, saving time and startup friendly pricing replacing a group of other SaaS saving $$ too lean thinker, Former @pivotal, cloud,gov,au builder @DTA and @syddevops Co-Founder

BuildoutInc Chicago, IL Buildout’s connected tools made it easier for Trek Investment Group to store, organize, access, and share data—which decreased both team frustration and time spent tracking down necessary information. Read the full story here: Software for #CRE brokerages. All-in-one tool for managing and marketing listings, prospecting, and back office. #mkt4cre #CREtech #Inc5000 #PropTech

INFINITY_AGAPE SCOTLAND @3rd_abraham @ILLUMINATIAM @_whitneywebb @policescotland @Nicolasturgeon @MarkPassio @BishopLGaiters There saying Paul was wanting to take me under his wing (whatever this means) even though i don't even know this man or this group that have been tracking me illegally WE'LL NEVER DIE 'WE’RE LIKE DIAMONDS IN THE SKY' ADEPT 07305589289

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