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An anti-Trump conservative group is

An anti-Trump conservative group is tracking and evaluating whether Republicans in Congress in the groups view have acted to either undermine or uphold democracy and what role if any they played in attempts to overturn the 2020 election

CNN An anti-Trump conservative group is tracking and evaluating whether Republicans in Congress, in the group's view, have acted to either undermine or uphold democracy and what role, if any, they played in attempts to overturn the 2020 election. It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & download our app
JaneLytv Toronto, Canada Lots of revelations in this report. One important detail: Facebook is tracking militia and hate group networks on its platform — including the Proud Boys — and not kicking them off. This is despite PBs being banned since 2018. senior reporter • disinfo, online investigations • DMs open • on Signal • • @osintcurious • @bfcaunion • Женя, говорю на ру, укр.
verge New York Asian activists are tracking the surge in hate crimes as police reporting falls short covers life in the future.
brittany_moyce winnipeg, manitoba My neighborhood #Facebook group has been tracking a group of wild #turkeys 🦃 as they meander around (with street coordinates) through photos for a week. It's what the internet is for. #wholesome #wildlife PhD researcher and person with chronic illness. Researching Adiponectin deficiency in pregnancy and beyond.
tmj_cao_edu Orange County, CA Want to land a job like "Behavior Technician (BT)" at The Stepping Stones Group? Applicant tracking systems look for specific keywords. Use the right keywords and get your resume in front of the hiring manager. #Education #MissionViejo, CA Follow this account for geo-targeted Education/Teaching job tweets in Orange County, CA. Need help? Tweet us at @CareerArc!
AnubisNot Word that can be that group I am tracking you know that baby shark video shark versus a gorilla well how are energy look like to each other when you stand up to each other
FemboyFilms @Ekinzone @Quazza97 The co-leaders of this group are @dubudavid and @Quazza97, but we have plenty of help. Just a bunch of fans who joined together to do just that, tracking down/restoring old animation (though we do live action too). We've gathered enough of our funds/manpower to get this far! Fan-Driven Community Devoted to Scanning/Restoring Beloved & Important 8/16/35mm Film for the Sake of Preservation! DM for Scanning Inquiries! Icon by @mbxchan!
Ekinzone New York, NY @FemboyFilms @Quazza97 is there a group of people involved in this account's archival/preservationist projects? How did you get involved with tracking down and restoring old cartoons? My Opinions And Views Reflect || Insta- ethansbeyondcool || || (he/they)
KathrynB_AB Vancouver Island, BC @KathrynMarlow @adriandix Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and the territories are giving cancer patients their second shot at four weeks because they recognize this group needs the second shot for optimal protection. Any word on whether BC will do this? A work in progress. A life in transition. A voice found. Subversive when possible. Knitter.
CarellCasey @TaliFarhadian I’m world-class smeared, homicidally expertly impersonated, implanted with illegal tracking tech without my knowledge or consent, stalked by a serial killer supported by a worldwide hate group. Everyone is fooled/bribed/threatened to not help me or believe me. Political Perse-Cutie 💃 Heeeeeeelp!!!
jeremyhesidenz Pennsylvania, USA @sancrucensis I’d rather not have my government tracking every single person. In addition, the census has a large enough sample size to be statistically significant. In any data collection you always collect from a subset of a group, not the whole group - as the results will be the same. Saved • UX Designer, Data Analyst, Digital Artist, Consultant, & Entrepreneur • Metal Fanatic • Sometimes I design for @Zubymusic

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