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American companies are on pace

American companies are on pace to reshore or return to the US nearly 350000 jobs this yearThat would be the highest number on record since the group began tracking the data in 2010

TVietor08 Los Angeles, CA "American companies are on pace to reshore, or return to the U.S., nearly 350,000 jobs this year...That would be the highest number on record since the group began tracking the data in 2010."
DeanObeidallah More Biden success: "American companies are on pace return to the U.S. nearly 350,000 jobs this year...That would be the highest number on record since the group began tracking the data in 2010." via @WSJ Host: The Dean Obeidallah show @SiriusXM channel 127 weekdays 6-9PMET. Democrats are the REAL Patriots! Pls Sign up for my newsletter:
alexbward Around “American companies are on pace to reshore, or return to the U.S., nearly 350,000 jobs this year, according to a report…That would be the highest number on record since the group began tracking the data in 2010” National security reporter @politico. Write "National Security Daily." Writing a book on Biden’s foreign policy. DMs open, ask for Signal. Tweets delete.
JamesCook31337 @HBARsquire @TheCouponBureau and if you have AI 8112. you are tracking EVERY item with a barcode on hedera... so this means every item you can buy in a gas station when you check out gets a tx on hedera... #DYOR #HBAR #HederaHeatWave @TheCouponBureau #AI8112 @fobi_inc Cyber Ghost. fan of DLT.
edpgsa New Braunfels, TX The Royal Golden Eagle group is a rainforest destroyer and rights abuser. Why do @ProcterGamble, @MDLZ, @Unilever, @Nestle, and @FerreroUK still source product ingredients from them? Retired teacher, active soccer coach, radical blues loving biker
bpfanonly Philippines Armys are now diverting their tweets about bp performance on vmas it clearly shows that no matter how they hate the group, they can't stop tracking them 😂 the obsession is on another level. I'm voting for #PinkVenom by #BLACKPINK as My Trending Song Choice. @BLACKPINK ⓘI'm only into @BLACKPINK (#JISOO~#JENNIE~#ROSÉ~#LISA). 💯
gyuhanwooV he/him | priv = 💤 naurrrr Blackpink and Taylor will have the same tracking week on Billboard 😭 it’s been nearly 2 decades without a female group topping BB200 afraid it will not happen yet i tweet a lot about #seventeen, #straykids, and #woodz
sendinthequeen she/her | 20s @salchoops i swear if they actually gave it to aespa or any group this year that actually had a presence for the whole year through album sales, etcetc for the whole tracking period, then i can probably say it was won with atleast a reasonable fight. #김연아 & #방탄소년단 : both nation's pride and treasures ♡ | @glamkook • @yunakimgifs
air_can_hurt he/it! - 17 @gr3atcurve not incredibly often for me personally. but in a group setting where im unfamiliar or just drained/overstimulated people have pointed out to me that I alternate between "rapidly tracking peoples conversations with my eyes and smiling vacantly" or staring out into nothingness talking heads david byrne re-animator neural decay -it's all about knives and forks- math and such
Imnayeonenha @shesbangwool @Lalisasbpb @LalisaTheAce @d2trend Sure but ya'll dragging bp and saying how we won group of the year when we lost to a rookie is not fair to say cuz bp only got 3 days tracking with no physical sales and no pre-voting cuz they released late(pre voting started on monday and they released on friday) Multi • BP, En-, Twice, Txt, Aespa, Itzy +more
lachiimolala1 @BTSChartsDailyx how come a group that doesn’t have any activity in the past 2years win goty, at the same time they attending?😂 they surely got tracking time to nominated an artist right? that doesn’t sit right, i think deep down the winning group knows it too i live so i love💜
TriciaAFenmore @13BulliTs @VolodyaTretyak The #NationalRepublicanArmy is its own group but is a part of the general movement. Most in the movement do not know each other and work alone so the #FSB has a harder time tracking people down. Next msg Writer
akfullerton Hudson River Valley @courtneyellis I think wordle success is part of its appeal. Tracking wordlebot on each word almost all have solve rates around 98% -- so they're a challenge which most people on most days meet. A self selected group of several hundred thousand people who get little dopamine spikes every 24 hrs Proud child of Warren, Arkansas, now living in NY. My tweets are as Razorback fan,Tulane BA, Harvard MBA, Penn MAPP, Kappa Sigma, Presbyterian, Democrat, & Gay.
lancecatacutan_ Cebu City, Central Visayas “Losing in their own country to a rookie group” lmao BP only had 3 days of tracking time on Inkigayo what are y’all talking — go cry in the corner 21 CEB | 6’0 | hmu for collabs jk 👻
jnmugIer jenakgae @why_phobia So did your group? Talking about losing like bp had 2 days of tracking and no physical and ytc had everything
Togetha_Group_ Australia #NewRelic launches errors inbox within #JiraSoftware toolchain page to give developers full stack error tracking and software performance monitoring. Read more to find out the key capabilities of the New Relic and Jira Software integration. #Atlassian Togetha Group are expert Atlassian Solution and Training Partners. We help teams work better together by creating solutions using Atlassian ecosystem products.
Jjkab23 @joonibbles Just foolish guy with 3days tracking and No physical sales!!!Group Of the year and where is your flop to come? Flop to come flop !
BlinkLuvly 19, She/her 🇳🇬 @Chimin0720 @P1NKVEN0M @d2trend The thing is we literally won that award in the end with zero physicals and a few days of tracking vs your favs loosing to a rookie group with a full week of tracking. 🥺
drugsnlisa arab/turk • 19 Btw I love and Stan IVE u can literally put my @ on the search bar and see for yourself and this is not a hit at Nayeon or anybody either I’m just saying that anybody can win or loose it’s not abt how big the supposed group or artist is. There’s physicals digitals and tracking… this one girl that doesn’t play about Lisa and Renée
Owenpark24 @lilazngami @hfzakgn @RollingStone And the group is inactive for 2 years.. even they are not active during the tracking period i love myself💜
xia0ate #jisoosheart Mind you one is only based on votes and the other has Attendance, k-charts, live voting and pre-voting and physical sales included besides the fact that bp only had 2-3 days of tracking, not to mention that even your favs lost to a rookie group that's not even 1y.o
parkjoeyoung @bIinkshit @gIobalpinks No cos to be fair, Blackpink has only 2 tracking days meanwhile a months old song from a small company rookie group did that 🫣 for Park Chaeyoung 🐿 An Yujin 🐶 and (maybe) Nakamura Kazuha 🦢
jensetteur `𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐭 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐫🧸` @Chimin0720 @P1NKVEN0M @d2trend yall used the korean chart tracking as based of activity group? so dumb 🕷️🐍💕
maria_aimee_ This is almost tragic. The best group is the only group without music durinf the tracking period 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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